Saturday, 29 December 2007

the third one.

ok, so this picture was actually taken a few months ago when i was in rome with my friends this summer, but james only just got round to uploading his pictures so i thought i'd post it in this blog now..

i'd totally forgotten that this had even been taken, so it was kind of cool to see the watermelon eating event back again!

watermelons FTW!

the second one.

i have no idea why i'm even bothering to write this, as no-one knows this blog even exists yet...

i haven't told anyone because i'm not even sure if i'm going to keep using it... but if you're reading this now then i guess i must have linked you to it in some way...

in that case... HELLO!

sooo... what do people write about in these things then... hmmmm.

well.. i had a good christmas i suppose, looking forward to new years as well. i think i'll post a "reflective" blog in a couple of days where i look back at 2007. yesh.

the past couple of weeks have been kinda cool on youtube."my secret" video got featured on the UK homepage and got about 100,000 views, and then a few days later I took part in the vlogbrothers secret project for awesome... which was indeed AWESOME! that video got over 70,000 views, and like 3,000 comments, which is pretty insane... the nerdfighters are amazing!

it turns out LisaNova is a nerdfighter too... who knew?!

she favourited my video, rated and commented on it, and even featured it for a few hours... and then i noticed she had subscribed to me too :]

she's got about 80,000 subs, and millions of views.. she's soooo e-famous, lol... so i was pretty excited about her subscribing. [sarcasm] yeah, i'm cool. [/sarcasm]

i love when people like LisaNova, HappySlip and WhatTheBuck subscribe to me... i dont know why... it's just nice to know that these people who make great videos themselves, and have thousands of fans, actually like my videos too... so umm... yeah. i think that's about all i can think to write about for now.

i'll try and write another blog soon.. maybe :P

thanks for reading (y)


Sunday, 16 December 2007

the first one.

all the cool kids have blogs these days.. i totally decided to jump on the blogwagon too.