Friday, 20 March 2009

The final blog post.

Hey guys!

Over the past couple of days I've been setting up a new personal website for myself, along with the help of Alan; and I'm moving my blog over there now, so I won't be updating here anymore.

The new blog will be at

I've been on blogger since 2007 and have posted over 100 entries here in that time, so it'll be a shame to move on. I'll obviously not delete this blog, as it'll be nice to have all my old posts here to look back on in the future, but I won't be posting any new stuff here.

Google reader tells me I have 310 subscribers, in addition to the 141 blogger followers I have here, so there's been a fair number of people out there who have been reading. That makes me very happy, so thank you to everyone who's out there and is interested in reading my ramblings.

I'd love for you to continue reading over at the new site, so if you'd like to do that, you can click here to add me to your reader: Or if you don't have a reader, you could always just bookmark and check back occasionally for updates :)

I'd quickly like to thank everyone who contacted me about helping set up the new website. I got a lot more emails than I expected, and I didn't manage to reply individually to everyone who offered their help, and I'm really sorry about that.. so let me just say here A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who got in touch with me. I wish I could have replied to you all individually.

Finally, thanks once again for reading everything I've posted here, and for leaving comments on my posts. It's been great having your support :)

Hopefully see you over at the new blog!

Much love <3

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

upcoming plans. (hi alan!)

I have lots of exciting things happening over the next few days.

Tomorrow morning I'm getting the train down to London. I'm meeting up with James at about 2.30ish, and hanging out with him during the afternoon. I love hanging out around London, there's always lots of fun stuff to do. Hopefully we'll go to the apple store so I can do my first ever dailybooth collab picture xD. So be sure to follow me here if you're not following me already. You wouldn't want to miss out on seeing me AND james in the same picture now, would you? :P [/shameless dailybooth plug]

Then later on in the afternoon, I'll be meeting up with Becky and Charlie. Which will probably involve morefuntimeshangingroundlondon. Oh, also we'll be meeting up with Dave and Ian at some point before 00.15am.

I can book into my hotel room any time from 3pm on the Thursday, so I'll do that at some point in the afternoon so I don't have to carry my bag around London all day.

Then, at 00.15am on Friday, we're going to see Watchmen at the IMAX! I'm super excited for that. I've never been to an imax cinema before. I really wanted to read the graphic novel before seeing the film, but that's not going to happen, so hopefully I'll understand the film. James told me it helps if you know the story before seeing the film, but meh. I'm sure I'll enjoy it regardless. I'm a bit scared I'll fall asleep during the film though, as we're going to see it so late, and I'll have had an early start on the Thursday.

I can see it being about 4am before we all get back to the hotel, and we have a meeting with the RNLI "mystery package" people at 10am.. so I'm not going to get much sleep =/

The meeting with the RNLI will probably go on until about 4ish on Friday. Tom will be there for that so I'm super excited to see him again :) It's been almost a month since I last saw him.. bad times. I'm not sure who else from youtube will be at the RNLI meeting, but it'll be nice to see anyone who turns up. Oh yes! I forgot Alex was coming back from glasgow in time for the meeting, so I will get to see his lovely face again too ^_^

Next, after the meeting with the RNLI, I'll be getting the train back to Dave's house, and will be staying there on Friday night, as we're going to be doing an epic blogTV show on Saturday to help raise money for Red Nose Day (which is a bi-annual fundraising day in the UK which is all about 'doing something funny for money'). I'll probably have to leave the blogTV show early to get back to Sheffield though, as Tom will already be there waiting for me ^_^ Hopefully Conor will still be in Sheffield by the time I get back so I can see him too :)

Sooo yeah! The next few days will be super fun! Seeing lots of people I love, and doing lots of interesting things!


Wednesday, 4 March 2009

website design.

hey blog buddies!

i registered the domain nearly a year ago. the page you see if you go there now was supposed to be a temp page while i found some way of building a decent site. i planned on learning some web design skills myself, but i never got passed the basics which allowed me to create that pitiful excuse for a website that you see at the moment.

so basically, i was wondering if anyone could help me with re-designing my website?

ideally i'd like it to something like buck's website, or davedays, or dk1.

a banner at the top, links below the banner to various different pages, and then blog entries in the main section of the website.

it's quite possible you can build a website like those with wordpress? (or something similar?) but yeah, i have no idea how to do that.

if you've read my blog before you'll know that i'm a hard-up student with no money, so i can't really afford to pay anyone to design a website for me, so if there's any generous people out there who just enjoy website design and wouldn't mind doing it for free that would be amazing xD

it's not going to happen is it?! haha

email me if you're interested though :)

Sunday, 1 March 2009


I can't believe it's the 1st of March already.
Are we seriously 1/6th of the way through 2009?!
It's going to be 2010 before I know it.
And 2010 sounds so futuristic.
It feels like we should all be flying around everywhere in little spaceships, or be living underwater or something.

I was looking at my bank statement today and realised that I made more from "online endeavours" last month than in any other single month in the past, which was nice. I actually made more than what I would have made working 20 hours per week at a part time job somewhere, which feels pretty damn great.

Of course, I'm still in masses of debt, and struggle to support myself, but meh...

University is going okay at the moment. I handed in an individual report on communication skills, and a group report on catering processes on friday, and I was pleased with how both reports turned out :)

In other news, I'm traveling down to London on the 12th of March to meet up with the RNLI people again. I absolutely love going to London. It's one of my favourite places to be. So I'm looking forward to that trip.

Aaaand I think that's all I wish to say in the blog post.

Much love <3

oh oh, and I'm up to number 6 most followed on dailybooth now! I hate how much I care about that site, but I'm seriously in love with it at the moment xD

people have been asking me how you know who is most followed... go here and the first 10 people that show up are the top 10 most followed... or click the "popular" tab and you can scroll through the list to see more than just the top 10.

Thursday, 26 February 2009


so, like, there's this new website you probably won't have heard of.
it's called

and there appears to be a battle between everyone to see who can get the most followers.
i guess it was bound to happen.
we're youtubers. we like attention. our egos need to be fed!

and guess what?!
i just hit 500 followers!!!
which moves me up to the 8th most followed person on the entire site.
my profile can be found here:
you should sign up and follow me too! :P

more seriously though...
dailybooth looks like it's going to be a pretty cool site. i like the idea of being able to chronicle my life. to be able to look back a year from now and see what I looked like. after all, a lot can change in a year. i'll probably be living in a completely different place. I might have a new hair style? a beard? an third eye? who knows. so it'll be pretty neat being able to look back and see what I looked like now.

I also like the fact you can leave picture comments to interact with each other. It feels a lot more personal than text comments on youtube or twitter etc. I feel like I'm just repeating what alex said in his latest nerdfighterlike video, so i'll stop talking now.

but yeah, dailybooth seems pretty cool ^_^

and i'd definitely recommend checking it out if you haven't done already.

here is my latest picture from dailybooth (just for the sake of having a picture in this blog post xD)

Sunday, 22 February 2009

weekend / math the band

thank you to everyone who commented on either of my last two blog posts.
it was cool getting feedback on my t-shirt designs, and loads of you left nice comments on the blog I wrote at the end of last week when I was feeling a bit miserable, and that cheered me up, so thank you.

i had a really good weekend, so i'm going to blog about it now. it'll probably be really boring to read, so if you're the type of person who gets bored easily, then stop reading now and go and watch a cute kitten fall asleep or something.

for those of you left reading, this is what i did this weekend...

i got home on friday afternoon, and had my hair cut.
then i went out on friday night with my friends, wid and morgan.
it was really cool seeing them both again -- just chatting and catching up.
we went to some different pubs than we'd usually go out to, and sampled a few real ales which was fun :)
towards the end of the night we were in loveshack (which is pretty much the only club durham has to offer) and we were all just dancing on the dance floor. i go to the toilet, and when i come back they're both dancing separately with two girls. i would have just gone to the bar to get a drink, but by this time of the night, i had no money left, and i didn't want to just stand around doing nothing, so i awkwardly danced sort-of-near-them-but-not, and hoped that no one on the crowded dance floor would notice i was just dancing by myself. i soon got bored of doing this though, and i saw a pretty girl by the edge of the dance floor, so i went over to say hello. i obviously wasn't looking for anything to happen with her, but i was bored and had nothing to do to pass the time until my friends were ready to leave and get a taxi home, so thought i might as well just go strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. i resisted the urge to use one of my chat up lines on her, although I kind of wanted to, just to see what the reaction would have been xD. I was pretty drunk though, and think I remember telling her that she had the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen. god bless alcohol and its ability to lower your inhibitions and say whatever pops in to your mind. anyways, we chatted and flirted for a bit, but nothing happened. my friends and I then left, got some pizza and went home. good night all in all.

i got up fairly early on saturday, and went through to newcastle to meet a couple of my other friends, kelly and tom.

tom was working until 4, so kelly and i went to get some food at this quaint little sandwich cafe called blakes. i was hungover and felt a bit woozy, so only ate half my sandwich, even though it was rather nice. i also drank a can of orange fanta. i hadn't had fanta in aaages, so that was lovely.

we then met tom and went to northumbria's student union for a drink.

kelly and tom are two of my favourite people of all time, so it was great seeing both of them again, and catching up :)

on saturday evening I went out for a meal with my mum, step-dad, sister, and two step-siblings to celebrate my mum's birthday. we went to the newton grange (which is the pub/restaurant i used to work at a few months ago). we ate nice food, and I got to see a few of my old work colleagues, as well as getting to spend a bit of time with my family, so it went really well :D

then today, sunday, i've been to see my grandparents, my mum took me shopping to stock me up with groceries for the next few weeks, and then i drove back to sheffield.

so yeah.. it's been an awesome weekend seeing all my family and friends again.

i miss being at home in durham around everyone i love.

it's also been cool having a couple of days away from the internet again. the past few weeks i've been feeling more and more compelled to distance myself from the internet world. i think i'll probably talk more about that in a future blog post though. (nb: the irony of posting an online blog about distancing oneself from the internet isn't lost on me, just incase you think i'm crazy xD)

oh oh.. before i leave, i should send you all to listen to some amazing music!

my math the band banned the math CD arrived in the post along with a math the band tee shirt while i was away this weekend! wooooop! :D

some of you will have heard of math the band, and others won't.. either way, go now and listen to them on myspace! guarenteed to make you feel good :)

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

life sucks.

i'm feeling terribly miserable thisevening.
so i'm going to have a little moan here to make myself feel better.

i hate being in sheffield. it's horrible. it's lonely. it's boring.

i'm so thankful i've been able to take a few trips away during the past couple of months. going down to london 2 or 3 times. flying across to ireland. going to derby. it's kept me sane.

there are things i do like about being in sheffield. namely, the awesome flat i get to live in. but other than that, i completely hate being here.

i'm stuck doing a course i have absolutely no motivation to do. and it's costing me a fortune to be here. my life savings have all-but-gone after this academic year, not to mention the fact i'm further in debt with my student loan. i must have about £15,000 worth of debt now. i kind of feel like i'm failing at life. suprisingly, it's not a nice feeling.

people try to console me by stating that i only have a few more months here until i graduate.. but that doesn't make it any easier to motivate myself to do the work which i despise doing. it is a shame though, as I put in so much work during the first 2 years of the course, but on a day-to-day basis i struggle to see the big picture.

one of the worst things though.. is that even after i've graduated (assuming i actually do graduate) i have no idea what i am going to do with my life. perhaps that is something i should get excited about. i can do whatever i want with my life. but it doesn't excite me, it scares me.

i guess for now, i just have to take each day as it comes.. starting tomorrow.

- collect the package which is waiting for me at the post office
- post tom his cd back
- send receipts off to hat trick
- buy birthday card/presents for my mum
- possibly make a new video?
- possibly do some uni work?
- explore dailybooth xD
- drive home to durham for the weekend

tom just sent me a track from his upcoming album while i was writing this blog which has actually cheered me up immensely. i still have no idea what i'm doing with my life, but at least now i'm failing at life whilst listening to a pretty boy making pretty music :)

think i'll end this blog post now. ciao.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I was bored today, so I decided to throw some t-shirt designs together, just for fun :)

I set up a bigcartel store so that I could upload the designs. You can check them out by clicking the link under the screenshot below if you're interested:

I should mention that the 2 dinosaur illustrations were done by vee, not me, but all the t-shirt designs themselves I did ^_^

Hope vee doesn't mind me using her illustrations.. I assume it'll be ok seeing i'm not actually selling them, or making any money off them. xD

You obviously can't buy any of the tees because they're just designs, and I have no way of actually printing them. I suppose it would be easy enough to upload some designs to a site like cafepress or skreened, but those companies take such a huge cut of the profits, that it's just not worth it.

For a long time now, I've been really interested in setting up my own t-shirt "business"... where I would actually buy the screen-printing equipment and all the materials needed etc, and sell t-shirts independantly, rather than using one of the aforementioned sites that sell your designs for you.

I'm not really that artistic, so I probably wouldn't be able to come up with any great designs.. but the thing I think I would be good at is promoting and marketing the t-shirts if I ever were to set up a business. I've got lots of ideas of how to make a clothing line popular and successful. They're not even groundbreaking ideas; simple things like giving free tees to popular bands, and getting them to wear them for photoshoots and live gigs. Kids see their favourite rockstars wearing a cool tee, and want one for themselves...

So yeah.. I've got lots of ideas like that of how to make a t-shirt business successful, so part of me really wants to follow this dream.

Things holding me back from actually doing something about it though are...

- I'd probably need to work with someone who's good with graphic design/photoshop so they could bring my ideas to life and help design some great tees.
- I'd need to buy the screen printing equipment to actually print the designs on to blank tees which I could buy in bulk from american apparel or gildan or such. But screen-printing equipment isn't cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Also, it's quite a skilled process to actually use the equipment, so I'd either need to hire someone to do it... or take workshop classes to learn for myself.
- I have no money to do any of this.
- There are countless other things holding me back, some of which I probably haven't even considered yet.

Gah, if only someone said "Here, take this £10,000 to follow your dream and set up your t-shirt business. Pay me back if it becomes successful, but if you spend all the money on it, and it completely falls on it's face, then don't worry about it."

Hah.. anyone reading this have a lot of money to spare? No? Didn't think so :P

I know this blog post probably makes me sound like I've got my head in the clouds, or that i'm dreaming unrealistically. I probably sound like a kid who gets asked what they want to be when they grow up, and they say they want to be an astronaught. Then again, some kids DO grow up to be astronaughts.. so I guess there's no harm in having a dream, even if it is a bit far-fetched. And I'm sure there was a time when people like Johnny Earle and Paul Griffiths had a similar far-fetched dream... and look at them now.

If you have any opinions on the designs I've put up on, or if you have any thoughts on anything else I talked about in this blog post, feel free to leave them in the comments. It'd be cool to hear what people have to say :)

Much love <3

Saturday, 14 February 2009

my weekend :)

This weekend has been so amazingly awesome!

I just tried writing a blog about it, but it started to get sooooo lengthy, so instead I shall bullet-point some of the amazing things which made it as good as it was :D

- John Green's books 'An Abundance of Katherines' and 'Looking For Alaska' arrived!
- I met up with Charlie, Alex and Jimmy - it was awesome to finally meet jimmy.
- I had a meeting with Hat Trick Productions which went really well, and I'm super excited about our future plans with them.
- Alex passed on a freakin' signed copy of Hank Green's album 'So Jokes' which Alan had sent him to give me <3
- I got given Chameleon Circuit pin-badges :D
- I met up with James, Becky, Tom, and Ed.
- We went to CYBER CANDY! (again)
- We ate yummy dumplings in China Town
- Spent ages in the Disney store, and Build-a-Bear
- I met two of Tom's friends who were absolutely lovely.
- Asal (one of tom's friends) let me stay at her house on friday night, which was amazing, because it meant I could stay with tom, and spend valentine's day with him today, instead of having to get the last train home to sheffield on friday night like i thought i might have had to ^_^
- Ate the most delicious veggie burger at The Burger Co. in kings cross with tom, before having to leave london :(

There are so many other little things which I haven't included which made this weekend amazing, but it's impossible to mention them all, and I think I mentioned the main points, so all is gooood :)

Monday, 9 February 2009


watch a high quality version by clicking here


happiest day evarrrrr! <3

They announced on their official website yesterday that they're back in the studio, writing and recording a new album, and that they'll be touring the world again in summer 09! :D

As soon as I heard the news I went back and listened to all my old blink albums and got awfully nostalgic :)

I started listening to blink around about 1999/2000 when enema of the state first came out, and subsequently went back and bought their 2 previous albums, and bought their following 2 albums before they went on a break. They're one of those bands for me, who have a lot of strong memories attached to their music.

Being 15. Sitting outside the rowing club in durham on a friday night with my friends, drinking vodka and 15p cherryade mixed together in a plastic bottle; listening to blink182 and other rock music of the time blarring out of the 'under18 rock night' held at the rowing club. Walking through newton hall, listening to their music on my portable cd player. Using quotes from their songs to describe my feelings for my friends, and my parents. Having secret house parties whenever my mum would go away for the weekend, playing "I want to fuck a dog in the ass" full volume and singing along like an idiot with all of my friends xD.

So many great memories! :D

Which is why I'm completely stoked to have them back together again! I'm definitely going to have to see them live if they come to the UK this summer!

As a little footnote to this blog post, I'm still not technically back off my internet hiatus :P I haven't been on youtube/twitter/skype at all since yesterday morning, and have only been online occasionally to check my emails. It's been nice having a little break.. although I'm starting to miss the internetz already, so I'll no doubt be back in the full swing of things pretty soon xD

Much love <3

Sunday, 8 February 2009

unplugging myself.

I was looking at the stats on my 'Are You Straight?' video today, and noticed I had over 1,000 hits from an embedded video on a site called, so I went to check out the site. It's a site about cute guys -- so i'm not quite sure why my video's on it?! It isn't a porn site, but if you're not interested in seeing semi-naked guys, I wouldn't bother going to the site.

Anywho, the reason for this blog post is that I came across the picture you see above on their site, and it caught my attention. I think the reason it caught my attention is that it kind of summarises how I've been feeling for the past couple of days. I wake up, switch my laptop on, and i'm just sucked in to the cyberworld. I sit here all day, refreshing the same few websites, hoping someone will have posted a new youtube video to watch, or seeing what people are up to on twitter. It's like I've become dependant on getting a continuous fix of the internetz, and I just completely ignore the outside world. I literally don't think I've left my flat in the past 48 hours. It's not healthy.

I think I need to unplug myself. Go on a little hiatus. Take a break from the internet world.

My will power is astonishingly low when it comes to neglecting my laptop though, so I'll no doubt be back on in a couple of hours, but at least for now, I'm taking a break.

I'm going to sign out of all my online accounts. Then I'm going for a shower. Then I'm going to eat. Then I might have a wander into town. And then we'll see where the wind takes me.

Goodbye for now, internet world. <3

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

YouTube Quiz.

Stolen from Phil.

Username: JohnnyDurham19

Why did you pick it?: because some inconsiderate person took the username JohnnyDurham a couple of months before i signed up.. and they don't even use the account! DAMN THEM! >_<

Who did you first subscribe to?: renetto, i think =/

Who did you most recently subscribe to?: the last person i remember subscribing to recently is
wheezywaiter... who is rather awesome.

What does your last text message say?: "02 voicemail. You have 1 New message..."

Do you have any goals?: put in enough effort to graduate from uni

What was the last thing you bought?: irn bru, minestrone soup, 6 litres of cider.

Describe the person who posted this using one line?: An Amazing guy called Phil.

Are you excited about anything?: excited for my trip down to london at the end of next week :)

Do you have a crush? yes, and it's someone who's on youtube =X

Have you ever been drunk?: i've started drinking the cider i bought earlier, so i'm ever-so-slightly drunk right now actually :P

Who was the first Youtuber you met in real life?: i simultaneously met charlieissocoollike, blade376, mememolly, whataboutadam and several other people at the gates of thorpe park almost 2 whole years ago now :O

Who was the last Youtuber you met in real life?: davefromblueskies and iianardo!

Do you pefer day or night?: i'm a night owl

Are you a member of any collab channels?: semi-retired fiveawesomeguy

Do you have a secret account?: pumpkinsplat // davezers

Do you believe in God?: no.

Which youtuber do you talk to the most?: todd, although we've not been speaking as much recently :(

Which Youtuber do you think makes the best videos?: i love everyone's videos who i subscribe to, although right now, i get most excited if/when i see one of the following people post a new video: livelavalive,
jabazzy, amazingphil, j0ames, joediscourse, hexachordal

You may only subscrie to 5 channels and only watch their videos. who will they be?: DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE JUST 5!!!

Are you in a relationship?: nopes, i'm single. someone ask me out before valentine's day? :P

Would you date a smoker?: yes, although the first thing i would do as their new boyfriend would be to get them to quit smoking!

Where is your favourite place?: cyber candy?! xD

Are you a happy person?: most of the time.

Would you kiss the person who posted this?: *ATTACKS PHIL WITH TONGUE* :P

What would you take to the desert island? : a unicorn called dorothy.

Do you prefer sun or snow?: snowwwww!

Who did you last speak to on the phone? my sister :D

Who did you last text?: crikey! i need to use my phone more.. the last person I text was 4 days ago (?!?!?), and it was j0ames.

What are you doing tommorow?: no plans for tomorrow! we'll see where the wind takes me ^_^

What is your favourite flavour of potato chips?: currently, tangy cheese flavoured doritos.

What size are your feet?: 9

What do you want?: to not have to worry about money.

What do you need?: money? xD

What do you remember?: meeting the vengaboys in LA ;)

What do you wish?: i wish i were a zombie, roaming through the night, i'd bite off people's faces, and give them a great big fright. :P


Monday, 2 February 2009

goodbye blogTV.

I've had a little fall out with blogTV today, to the point where I really don't want to continue doing my scheduled shows on their site anymore.

Previously, I'd been going live on blogTV every Monday and Friday at 10pm GMT, but I think I'm going to completely scrap that schedule now.

I wish I could give more details about it but I don't think it's really something I should be talking about in my blog.

It's been so nice having people come to my shows, and having everyone getting involved by asking me questions, sending me jokes to read out, helping with the "Share the love" feature, and so on. It's been fun for me, and hopefully it's been fun for all you guys who've been coming to watch the shows. So I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has come along to the shows and made them what they were.

In a way I feel a little guilty for ending the shows just because I've fallen out with blogTV, and it sucks that I'm not going to be able to interact with everyone in the same way now that I'm stopping the shows, but it's something I think I have to do. I'll probably go live every now and again just to check in with you all though, so look out for twitter updates about me going live.

You can follow my twitter updates here:

So yes, thank you to everyone who's been to, and supported my shows in the past -- it really means a lot to me -- and I'm sorry to anyone who might miss my shows now they're ending.

Much love <3

Thursday, 15 January 2009

leg of a frog.

i don't really update this blog much anymore.
i think it's because i have so many other outlets for my thoughts.
like, if something happens to me which i feel like sharing, i'll talk about it in my blogTV show, or i'll make a youtube video, or update my twitter, or simply talk to people on skype... so yeah, apologies for not updating more often...

the past couple of weeks have been fun.

- new years party with lots of amazingly awesome people
- trip to ireland, with a dublin gathering and a day of filming with the TV network RTE
- having Toddly00 come stay with me in sheffield

i'm sure there are other interesting things which have happened, but i cannot think.

i got sent a couple more drawings! the one you see at the top of this blog, and the rather lovely cartoon version of me below ^_^

receiving drawings people have done of me, continues to make me exceptionally happy :D

can't think of anything else to write... so i will go now.

LOVE YOU <33333333

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

skype list.

My thoughts on some of the people from my Skype contacts list. They're anonymous, but can you figure out who some of them are?

- you're really friendly, and always seem happy to see me when i log in, which is nice.
- i don't think you like me, which sucks as i'm a big fan of your music and it'd be cool if we got along
- i wish we talked more, but i get the feeling you're always super busy, so i rarely contact you incase i'm a bother to you. i think you're awesome though.
- you're easily one of my favourite people that i've met through youtube, even though you constantly bully me :P
- at first you scared me as you're such an extrovert, but now i love you to pieces.
- we don't really know each other, but i think you're pretty cool.
- i really, really like you. i admire you more than i've admired anyone else in my life.
- i like your hair, and wish i could have it as my own xD
- i don't think we'd really talk outside of a "group" skype call, but you're rather awesome
- you're my best online friend. i'd be lost without you. thank you for being so amazing.
- i'm glad we've got to know each other better since we first met over scrabble and stolen ice cream :)
- i wish you would actually use skype so we could strengthen our friendship.
- you're lovely
- i've known you longer than almost anyone else that i still speak to online. we met before a lot of people had even joined youtube. we don't talk as much as we once did, but i still consider you one of my best friends, and i've loved sharing the whole youtube experience with you over the past couple of years.
- i'm not sure why you're on my contacts list, you don't even like me
- you're one of the nicest people i've met on youtube, and i think our personalities are astonishingly similar. you're awesome.
- we don't really know each other that well, but you're cool.
- tom milsom said i'm the second nicest person he's met... after you. this makes me envy you :P but tom's right, you really are a wonderful person.
- you're one of my favourite people to talk to. we can have silly chats about masturbating walruses, or deeper conversations about our lifelong dreams, and stuff. i really value having you as a friend.
- you're so sweet, and adorable. i can't wait to meet you in august.
- i'm glad we're such close friends. i can't wait until i get to meet you one day. i'll give you the biggest, and bestest hug EVER. followed by us having a sexy make out session ^_^
- you're cute. i have a crush on you. we flirt with each other too much xD
- AHH! you're awesome! i hope we get to meet some day!
- you make some of the best videos on youtube i've ever seen.
- i like your sense of humour, although occasionally our conversations seem a bit awkward, like we're not quite on the same wavelength.
- MUM!
- i remember coming across your videos on youtube, and i loved them, because you reminded me of a slightly younger version of myself. we have lots in common, and it's always fun talking to you. you should come online more often though, and stop neglecting our son so much!! :P Love you.
- it'd be cool to get to know you better, but you're never on skype.