Sunday, 22 February 2009

weekend / math the band

thank you to everyone who commented on either of my last two blog posts.
it was cool getting feedback on my t-shirt designs, and loads of you left nice comments on the blog I wrote at the end of last week when I was feeling a bit miserable, and that cheered me up, so thank you.

i had a really good weekend, so i'm going to blog about it now. it'll probably be really boring to read, so if you're the type of person who gets bored easily, then stop reading now and go and watch a cute kitten fall asleep or something.

for those of you left reading, this is what i did this weekend...

i got home on friday afternoon, and had my hair cut.
then i went out on friday night with my friends, wid and morgan.
it was really cool seeing them both again -- just chatting and catching up.
we went to some different pubs than we'd usually go out to, and sampled a few real ales which was fun :)
towards the end of the night we were in loveshack (which is pretty much the only club durham has to offer) and we were all just dancing on the dance floor. i go to the toilet, and when i come back they're both dancing separately with two girls. i would have just gone to the bar to get a drink, but by this time of the night, i had no money left, and i didn't want to just stand around doing nothing, so i awkwardly danced sort-of-near-them-but-not, and hoped that no one on the crowded dance floor would notice i was just dancing by myself. i soon got bored of doing this though, and i saw a pretty girl by the edge of the dance floor, so i went over to say hello. i obviously wasn't looking for anything to happen with her, but i was bored and had nothing to do to pass the time until my friends were ready to leave and get a taxi home, so thought i might as well just go strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. i resisted the urge to use one of my chat up lines on her, although I kind of wanted to, just to see what the reaction would have been xD. I was pretty drunk though, and think I remember telling her that she had the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen. god bless alcohol and its ability to lower your inhibitions and say whatever pops in to your mind. anyways, we chatted and flirted for a bit, but nothing happened. my friends and I then left, got some pizza and went home. good night all in all.

i got up fairly early on saturday, and went through to newcastle to meet a couple of my other friends, kelly and tom.

tom was working until 4, so kelly and i went to get some food at this quaint little sandwich cafe called blakes. i was hungover and felt a bit woozy, so only ate half my sandwich, even though it was rather nice. i also drank a can of orange fanta. i hadn't had fanta in aaages, so that was lovely.

we then met tom and went to northumbria's student union for a drink.

kelly and tom are two of my favourite people of all time, so it was great seeing both of them again, and catching up :)

on saturday evening I went out for a meal with my mum, step-dad, sister, and two step-siblings to celebrate my mum's birthday. we went to the newton grange (which is the pub/restaurant i used to work at a few months ago). we ate nice food, and I got to see a few of my old work colleagues, as well as getting to spend a bit of time with my family, so it went really well :D

then today, sunday, i've been to see my grandparents, my mum took me shopping to stock me up with groceries for the next few weeks, and then i drove back to sheffield.

so yeah.. it's been an awesome weekend seeing all my family and friends again.

i miss being at home in durham around everyone i love.

it's also been cool having a couple of days away from the internet again. the past few weeks i've been feeling more and more compelled to distance myself from the internet world. i think i'll probably talk more about that in a future blog post though. (nb: the irony of posting an online blog about distancing oneself from the internet isn't lost on me, just incase you think i'm crazy xD)

oh oh.. before i leave, i should send you all to listen to some amazing music!

my math the band banned the math CD arrived in the post along with a math the band tee shirt while i was away this weekend! wooooop! :D

some of you will have heard of math the band, and others won't.. either way, go now and listen to them on myspace! guarenteed to make you feel good :)


Shannon said...

That sounds like a fun night. i'm actually quite the opposite: i've never been drunk in my life. but my friends are wild and drag me to bars on fridays. i always end up sort of sitting alone while they get hammered, so, as a form of entertainment, i actually make a point to go and talk to all the buzzies!

Emo-x-Tastic said...

Be happy. =)
Lol, "Good Newton Grange..."


Kristina said...

I looove Math the Band! I have seen them live a few times. <3

Belu said...

Glad to hear to are in better mood and you had a wonderfull weekend.

I've never heard of Math the Band in my life. But I linked on their MySpace site and I really like them.
Good taste.

Take care Johnny

Dave J said...

Yes, Math the Band are pretty awesome, but there are better out there... lol, I think anyway... Yeah, I wonder what kind of a drunk you are lol, you seem quiet in your videos so you are probably quite loud and outgoing when drunk, that would be fun to see!

suri said...

you should use "i've lost my teddy bear.." line, it was awesome :D it's good to hear you feel better now.

CG said...

Haha I just randomly got a text message today that said "Baby, you make the equator seem like the north pole." :P It was odd and pretty awful, but also kind of hilarious should use it as a chat-up line sometime! ;-)

Anonymous said...

yeah...that girl you danced with? That was me. Hehheh just kidding ;]
Glad your mood is brightening up. I have the same problems, I get so lonley at uni and miss my friends and family that I just fall into a funk. But your little quirky blogposts and videos help a bit <3

Lilly Melody said...

Haha, I can imagine you dancing near them, but not really close and just trying to blend in so that no one sees you're alone x)
I'm glad you had a good weekend anyways. I wish you were happier in Sheffield...

- Joe

Luke Beaumont's Design for Digital Media Blog said...

I was in Newcastle this weekend too, went on a day trip to Durham castle

Did you know there are 136 steps from the bottom of the train station to the top

My g/f is at Northumbria University did you go Habita to eat?

If I had of seen you I would have completely fan-girled you ^_^

MikisthatChick said...

i'm so glad you were able to have a nice time Johnny, i felt so bad that you werent feeling happy.

I love the music! I'm on thier myspace, and they are from the same state as me! I'm looking on thier tour page, and they are playing tons of shows like, 10 min away from me. small world!

Katie said...

LOL that whole dancing thing happened to me fairly recently aswell! It's quite funny looking back but at the time its like 'Ok what do I do, this is pretty awkward!'

However I didn't hang around dancing for long, I saw someone I knew so escaped haha!

Anyway I haven't heared of that band but will defo check their myspace out!


peesemould said...

Sandwiches from Blakes are damned expensive!

Not a very productive comment, but, well...