Monday, 2 February 2009

goodbye blogTV.

I've had a little fall out with blogTV today, to the point where I really don't want to continue doing my scheduled shows on their site anymore.

Previously, I'd been going live on blogTV every Monday and Friday at 10pm GMT, but I think I'm going to completely scrap that schedule now.

I wish I could give more details about it but I don't think it's really something I should be talking about in my blog.

It's been so nice having people come to my shows, and having everyone getting involved by asking me questions, sending me jokes to read out, helping with the "Share the love" feature, and so on. It's been fun for me, and hopefully it's been fun for all you guys who've been coming to watch the shows. So I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has come along to the shows and made them what they were.

In a way I feel a little guilty for ending the shows just because I've fallen out with blogTV, and it sucks that I'm not going to be able to interact with everyone in the same way now that I'm stopping the shows, but it's something I think I have to do. I'll probably go live every now and again just to check in with you all though, so look out for twitter updates about me going live.

You can follow my twitter updates here:

So yes, thank you to everyone who's been to, and supported my shows in the past -- it really means a lot to me -- and I'm sorry to anyone who might miss my shows now they're ending.

Much love <3


Anonymous said...

Hey man - Blogtv isnt the only live feed on the internet. Just seems people generally get that impression.

Shame your ending it man, cause your shows were good. Perhaps try Stickam sometime =] It's a decent natural community - and i've been on it for like 3years, just cause I genuinly believe its a great website, community, and the people who run it give a dam about the people who do shows on it =]

Take care man! We need to meet soon when the snow clears! x

cindra said...

oh no...and just when I started watching you :(

you're a lovely person so I can't imagin you having a falling out with anyone

Anonymous said...

RGDS would like to say how much he will miss the JohnnyDurham19 BlogTV spot.
In the short time RGDS had been visiting the show, he had always been made welcome by others and had always enjoyed watching JohnnyDurhan19.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a couple of your BlogTV's, but hey, you gotta do whatcha gotta do! ^__^

Lewis said...

What Myles said ^


Bekah said...

I've only ever been to one of your shows, but it was interesting and got me into the habit of watching people on BlogTV. Gonna miss you. :)

Elizabeth... said...

Oh dear, I don't like to think of you falling out with anyone but it seems you have good reasons for stopping. I'll miss the shows but then again probably get more sleep.

Anonymous said...

Thx Johnny...will miss ur shows!


Emo-x-Tastic said...

I'll miss it, but I'm sure if you found another site to do live shows on, we'd all watch it. =]


Emo-x-Tastic said...

I'll miss it, but I'm sure if you found another site to do live shows on, we'd all watch it. =]


Emo-x-Tastic said...

Oops, twice, sorry for accidently spamming you. =]

Anonymous said...

will miss it!

Tara said...

Oh, Johnny - I am sorry that you've had a falling out with blog tv! I agree with blade376 though - you should check out Stickam!

I'll follow you wherever you go though, darling. <3

quimby86 said...

Spreading the love with you was awesome. Your blogTV shows were pure awesomeness! I liked and truly enjoyed every single minute of them.
Thanks very much for the great times! :)
Hope you'll continue your live shows soon. :`-(

CG said...

Aww ...your blogTV show was my favorite show! :( I was addicted to Share The Love haha.

I guess you do have to do what feels right though. :)


~CG (OhDarnAllTheGoodNamesAreTaken :P)

Joy said...

Aww, I'll miss the show. Thanks for the lovely Monday/Friday shows that you did put on...they were great. <3

Graszood said...

I just went to the blogtv room and someone sent me here. I'll miss the show, but it's your choice of course. I just hope you could do the share-the-love in some other way, because I think it was really the highlight of the shows :D

Raquel said...

awhh everyone is quiting blogtv :[ and stickam is just a thing of the past, But i understand.We'll all miss you!


Raquel said...

edit on my comment, But hey if you wanna come join stickam be my guest! i'll watch you every time ^.^

Primrose and the Whale said...

I know I cannot speak for everyone, but I know I, along with many others, support you. We're behind you no matter what.

hannah said...

well atleast this means more blogging.
but like blade said, there's always stickam

Simone said...

makes me a sad panda.

Some person you don't know XD said...


I used to wait for you to go live. :(what am I going to do on monday/friday at 5 o'clock?

And now my eating schedule has been knocked off balance. As an OCD sufferer, my meals have to be planned at a specific time, and I shifted my normal five o'clock to six for the live show. NOW WHAT?!?!

Jess said...

aw Johnny :( usually i'm working when you have your shows, this friday was going to be the first one i'd be able to see. i'm bummed i dont get to watch, but i support your decision. i'm sure you have a good reason for ending the show, and so be it. have a marvelous week :)

The Blog Babes said...
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Luke Beaumont's Design for Digital Media Blog said...

I don't think you should not do live shows anymore just because you fell out with blogTV.

Why not move to somewhere more suitable for you, stickam, ustream, mogulus?

I am sure there are many more you could try.

citrusbust said...

Or maybe you can make a youtube video telling us when you're live on blog tv! Since I have no idea how to follow twitter.