Friday, 31 October 2008

i'm a zombie.

i bought some face paints today for halloween!
i'm not exactly the best make up artist ever,
but i'm meant to be a ZOMBIE!
cool, hur?!

i might not even be going out tonight
(i'm waiting to hear back from a friend)
but i thought i'd get zombiefied anyway,
because it's funnnn! xD

Sunday, 26 October 2008


i have so much i want to blog about!

but i'm super tired now, so i'll wait and write about them another day :)

i just signed up to twitter....

i don't exactly know what i'm doing at the moment, but i'll figure out all the technical quirks the site has to offer soon ^_^

also, i've only started following people who were imported from my gmail address book, so i'll probably start following lots more people as i come across them :)

feel free to follow me! <3


Wednesday, 22 October 2008

mean creek.

my weekend in oxford was awesome!

i can't be bothered to write about it though...

i'm watching Mean Creek; it's such a great film ^_^

Jasper: What are the paddles for?
Marty: We're going cow-spanking.
Kile: What the fuck is cow-spanking?
Marty: Well, it's like cow-tipping, except we spank.

xD xD xD

Friday, 17 October 2008

bye internet!

i'm just about to set off on my little trip down to oxford! :D

i'll probably not get to do anything online until i get back late on sunday night...

is it bad that even though that's only a couple of days, i think i'm actually going to miss youtube, blogtv, chatting to people on skype and msn?!?!?!

internet addiction FTW!

see you soooooon <3

Thursday, 16 October 2008

upcoming weekends!

i'm really excited about the next couple of weekends!

this coming weekend, i'm going down to stay with my friend jordan who lives in oxford. he's doing a phd down there. i'm getting picked up by my two friends; michael and morgan, who are coming down from durham, and then we're going to drive on down to oxford together for the weekend.

our other friend laura is also doing a phd in oxford, and she's invited us to a party on the saturday night, so i'll hopefully get to see her then too! ^_^

and i think we're planning on having a day trip into london on the sunday which will be cool!

here is a picture of the three guys i'll be hanging out with all weekend, just so you readers can picture what they look like, and can imagine us all having fun together xD

so yeah, i'm looking forward to this weekend!

those guys are three of my bestest friends ever,

so the weekend is bound to be tonnes of fun! :D


the weekend after that is also going to be completely awesome!

i'm going to london on the friday. i have a meeting with a TV production company on friday afternoon (which i'll talk more about in another blog post). then i'm going to be hanging out with alex on friday night. we'll be doing his blogtv show together :)

i'll be staying overnight at alex's house, and then we'll be going along to the youtube gathering on saturday afternoon which i'm super excited about! i haven't been to a proper youtube gathering in over a year, so it'll be fun! there's lots of people i'm looking forward to meeting :D

oh, and i think i'm getting the bus down to london on the friday with calum (itscalum010) so it'll be cool to spend some more time with him again after we hung out last weekend.

ok, this blog post is beginning to get super long... GTG!

johnny xoxo

you me at six.

my mind works in weird ways.

on the one hand, it tells me that i can barely afford to live.

it makes me buy noodles for 7p, a big box of breakfast cereal for 36p, a litre of blackcurrent cordial juice for 18p.

i'm pretty much only getting the cheapest food money can buy, because i tell myself that i can't afford to spend too much money on simply filling my tummy.

yet, my brain seems quite happy to allow me to go out and spent £8 on a new CD...

silly brain.

having said that though, i'm super glad i did splash out on the CD. i bought you me at six's debut album; take off your colours. it is AMAZING!

you me at six are currently touring the UK, and are supporting fall out boy at a few gigs.

i want to go see them so bad, but i'm not free on the dates when they're coming near me :'(

ahhh well, i will have to just enjoy listening to the CD instead of actually getting to see them live

plus, i'll save money on buying a ticket for one of their shows.. WOOOP! xD

johnny <3

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

15 October 2006.

It has been exactly 2 years, to this very day, since I signed up to YouTube. Back on October 15th, 2006, I had no idea what a significant, life-changing decision that would be.

I originally signed up just so that I could comment on random music videos, clips of the tv show friends, and other generic videos of the sort.

I then stumbled upon an underworld of vloggers talking to their cameras.

itsSelvo was the very first person I subscribed to, closely followed by renetto... followed by paperlilies, and many others...

I started leaving comments on their videos, but then I began to feel guilty that they would have no idea who I was, because my channel was completely bare.... so I started to make videos of my own.

After 3 months of making vlogs, I got featured on the global front page of youtube, and gained hundreds of subscribers over night.

Since then my subscriber number has continued to grow, to the point now, where I have over 18,000 subscribers.

Youtube has played a significant part in my life over the past two years. I have travelled up and down the country because of it. I've gone to London to meet up with fellow vloggers, been to Thrope Park theme park, stayed with Charlie in Bath whilst going to see him in his play, been invited to the RNLI headquarters down in Poole for a weekend packed full of fun lifeboating activities...

I've made lots of great friends on youtube both in the UK, and overseas...

It's strange how youtube could be described as "just" a website on the internet, and yet, it's played such a big part in moulding me into the person I am today.

I know today is just a day like any other on youtube, and it doesnt really matter that today is the 15th of October, but the date has made me feel awfully reflective and nostalgic...

I guess the point of this blog post is to say say thank you. Thank you to YouTube. Thank you to everyone who has watched my videos, who has commented, rated and favourited, and all those people who have subscribed to me. I'm blown away by the fact that I have so many people watching my silly little videos on youtube. It means the world to me.

I wonder where Youtube will take me in the next 2 years?!


Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Monday, 13 October 2008

amazing weekend.

this weekend has been so much fun!

on saturday, Calum came to Sheffield to hang out with me. we did lots of fun things together. we had starbucks. we saw "jamaica's #1 speed chess player". we saw several guys doing some wacky dancing. we spent a rediculously large amount of time in the pound shop buying lots of silly things! we got lost trying to find a 10 pin bowling alley. the whole day was amazing!

oh, and the Space Duck you see in the picture above is what was inside the box on my previous blog post! ISN'T HE AWESOME?! thanks calum (y)

on sunday, Tom Milsom came to visit me! tom is so lovely. we also did lots of fun things together! we sat on a rather beautiful patch of grass, and tom played me some BEATZ he had been working on during the train journey to sheffield :) we skype called with toddly00 and chrisontv88. we ate pizza. i touched tom's hair. it was a good day ^_^

i'm super excited about the next couple of weekends too, as i've got lots planned! :D

but i shall talk about those in future blog posts :)

Saturday, 11 October 2008


tomorrow, calum is coming to sheffield, and we're going to hang out! ^_^

we decided it would be cool to give each other a present when we meet up.

calum sent me a picture of what my present looks like...

he wrapped it in youtube wrapping paper! :D

it looks AMAZING!

i can't wait to see what's inside the box!

tomorrow is going to be fuuuunnnn!

Friday, 10 October 2008

matt drew me a sign.

this was drawn by the one and only booshoe37 when we were hanging out in myles' stickam room.



Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Johnny has hairy eyeballs.

cool people post msn conversations in their blogs:

James. says:
desperate housewives is well good actually

Johnny says:
i've never watched it :|

James. says:
im watching it for the first time in like 2 years and its really ... gripping

Johnny says:
isn't it a girls show?! first you're reading "problems pages" in girls magazines aimed at 14 year olds, and now you're watching a girls tv show :O

Johnny says:
i'm starting to worry about you

James. says:

Johnny says:

Johnny says:

James. says:
my johnny... you need adult toys! i mean who wants a remote controlled wall -e ... not me... honest

Johnny says:

James. says:

James. says:

Johnny says:
haha, we're both as immature as one another with our love for kids toys

James. says:
:P shhhh

Johnny says:
you know sometimes in people's blogs, they copy and paste a conversation from msn?

James. says:

Johnny says:
i want to do that!

Johnny says:
say something funny?

James. says:
Johnny has hairy eyeballs.

( )


Sunday, 5 October 2008

14p lunch.

who said it wasn't possible to make a meal for less than £1 ?!

this lunch only cost me 14p! wooooop!

7p per bag of noodles. it takes too bags to fill me up though (y)

i love that even though they're called "Chicken" Curry Flavour Noodles, they are still vegetarian, AND vegan! :D

this is me cooking them in a pan....

this is once they're dished out and read to eat.... don't they look appetising?! (NO!!!)

this is me about to eat them... although when i was actually eating them, i didn't rediculously pout my lips like i'm doing here in the photo... i just opened my mouth and ate them like a normal human being would do....

they actually don't taste too bad, considering how cheap and nasty they are... i'm sure i won't be getting all the vitamins i need from them, but hey! i'm a student now, and i have no monies, so it's nice to be able to make a meal for 14p every now and again :D

end post.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

There are some creepy people on the internet.

I got this message from a user on YouTube today called GoranSian:

l would like very very very hot sucking ur ass
so mcuh l like that sucking ur cock
l want eat ur all the body
please please please if you like taht tell me
hi dear how are you
l hope you doing well all the best for you
l want sucking ur cock
l want sucking very hot sucking ur ass
l want sucking very hot ur dick
do you have a very nice cock
l loves sucking ur cock
l want very hot sucking ur cock
l loves sucking ur ass
are you like please tell me,
iam so much loves sucking ur cock because are you very beautiful and all the body ,and also love sucking ur cock ,actully so very very very beautiful are you cock l love sucking ur cock
l want eat ur cock
l want eat ur ass
l want very hot sucking ur ass
keep in touch and take care
please please please are you like that tell me
l can make massgae very special all the body with you
l want very very very hot sucking ue ass
do you have a very beautiful all the bdoy l lovely thsi is body with you
l want eat ur body..
l want eat ur ass u like tell me very fast

This is what I replied to the message:

Dear Goran,

Thank you for the message.

I had a little difficulty understanding all of the message due to the poor grammar and spelling, but from what I can gather, you would like to suck my cock and/or ass?

Thank you for this kind offer, however I feel it would be slightly inappropriate for me to accept it, due to the fact that you are just some random person on the internet and I have no clue who you are.

Kind Regards,


Friday, 3 October 2008


why do paper cuts hurt so much, when they're SO small?!

i accidently got a paper cut on my bottom lip!
and it hurts like crazy!

*mental note: be more careful when putting paper in your mouth

(oh, and i wasn't trying to eat the paper btw, i was just trying to hold a few sheets of paper in my mouth because both my hands were busy trying to open my bag, and i needed somewhere to put the paper. i now wish i had just put the paper under my arm... bleh)

charlie and alex <3

on tuesday, two of my awesome guys dyed their hair and then shaved it all off for charity.
they raised over £4,000 for Cancer Research.
they did this whilst broadcasting themselves live on blogtv to thousands of people on the internets, for 7 hours.
i watched the majority of the show - it was lots of fun!
i'm super proud of both charlie and alex; they're an inspiration.
you can still donate via:

robot poem.

earlier this week i posted a poem in my blog.

it was originally just a doodle on a piece of paper, but i decided it would make a fun blog post, so i typed it up.

i then decided it might be interesting for you lovely readers out there to see the origins of that blog post.

which is why i took a picture of my doodle, and which is why i have uploaded it here:

featured part deux.

i've just read back my last blog post, and realised it might have sounded a bit like i was ungrateful for getting featured...

i didn't mean it to sound like that!

it's an honour to get featured. it's awesome! i love it! it makes me happy, and proud. and it makes my giblets tingle.

youtube can choose from thousands of videos to feature, but they chose mine, which obviously makes me feel very special :)

also, the video has ended up doing really well. it had about 9,000 views when it got featured (i think), and a day later it is now up to over 70,000 views, which is truly awesome!

i got a nice text from Laura at the RNLI today as well, to congratulate me on having the video featured, which was super kind of her :D

i'm looking forward to what's coming up next with the mystery package people! :D


Wednesday, 1 October 2008


i got home from my first lecture back at uni today,
and it appears i have been featured on the uk's homepage of youtube...

they featured the RNLI video i made.
i didn't think that video was very good when i was uploading it.
i thought it was a bit long and boring, but apparently youtube don't agree with me.

from a personal point of view, i'd have prefered if they had featured my 10 second project video. i think that video's more interesting, and i'm more proud of that video xD haha

but in a way, i'm glad they've featured the RNLI video as it tackles some important issues about the media's portrayal of the youth of today. also, it'll hopefully be the first step in getting a lot of exposure for the RNLI's "Who are you?" movement.

then again, from past experience... getting featured on the UK homepage often doesn't actually get you many more views, as most views come from the global hub, not the indivual countries' hubs. meh, who knows!?

i wrote a poem.

I wish I were a robot,
With sexy robot parts.

Dancing with other robots,

Making lots of sparks.