Sunday, 26 October 2008


i have so much i want to blog about!

but i'm super tired now, so i'll wait and write about them another day :)

i just signed up to twitter....

i don't exactly know what i'm doing at the moment, but i'll figure out all the technical quirks the site has to offer soon ^_^

also, i've only started following people who were imported from my gmail address book, so i'll probably start following lots more people as i come across them :)

feel free to follow me! <3



Paige said...

First Alex and now you finally get Twitters!?! This week has been like a week of Christmases!! :D

Kiky said...

I read about Twitter a few weeks ago. It seemed interesting to me, but at the same time a tad exaggerated. Do not mind me, but I guess I still do not want all the world to know what I am doing at every second. But if you like it, what else can I say? Johnny-e is the boss :)

-Stay safe

i-sense-sarcasm said...

Johnny, WHY ON EARTH DID YOU PUT THE HORRIFYING EFFECT ON YOUR LATEST VIDEOOOO? Guess I now know what you were trying to do with after effects.

Take care!
-Despite the fact that I'm the one who needs taking care of thanks to your horror movie-esque video.

JOKING! Liked it. Keep surprising us!

Emily said...

The ending of your last video was utter brilliance. I laughed so hard :P

BTW, following you on twitter :)