Thursday, 15 January 2009

leg of a frog.

i don't really update this blog much anymore.
i think it's because i have so many other outlets for my thoughts.
like, if something happens to me which i feel like sharing, i'll talk about it in my blogTV show, or i'll make a youtube video, or update my twitter, or simply talk to people on skype... so yeah, apologies for not updating more often...

the past couple of weeks have been fun.

- new years party with lots of amazingly awesome people
- trip to ireland, with a dublin gathering and a day of filming with the TV network RTE
- having Toddly00 come stay with me in sheffield

i'm sure there are other interesting things which have happened, but i cannot think.

i got sent a couple more drawings! the one you see at the top of this blog, and the rather lovely cartoon version of me below ^_^

receiving drawings people have done of me, continues to make me exceptionally happy :D

can't think of anything else to write... so i will go now.

LOVE YOU <33333333

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

skype list.

My thoughts on some of the people from my Skype contacts list. They're anonymous, but can you figure out who some of them are?

- you're really friendly, and always seem happy to see me when i log in, which is nice.
- i don't think you like me, which sucks as i'm a big fan of your music and it'd be cool if we got along
- i wish we talked more, but i get the feeling you're always super busy, so i rarely contact you incase i'm a bother to you. i think you're awesome though.
- you're easily one of my favourite people that i've met through youtube, even though you constantly bully me :P
- at first you scared me as you're such an extrovert, but now i love you to pieces.
- we don't really know each other, but i think you're pretty cool.
- i really, really like you. i admire you more than i've admired anyone else in my life.
- i like your hair, and wish i could have it as my own xD
- i don't think we'd really talk outside of a "group" skype call, but you're rather awesome
- you're my best online friend. i'd be lost without you. thank you for being so amazing.
- i'm glad we've got to know each other better since we first met over scrabble and stolen ice cream :)
- i wish you would actually use skype so we could strengthen our friendship.
- you're lovely
- i've known you longer than almost anyone else that i still speak to online. we met before a lot of people had even joined youtube. we don't talk as much as we once did, but i still consider you one of my best friends, and i've loved sharing the whole youtube experience with you over the past couple of years.
- i'm not sure why you're on my contacts list, you don't even like me
- you're one of the nicest people i've met on youtube, and i think our personalities are astonishingly similar. you're awesome.
- we don't really know each other that well, but you're cool.
- tom milsom said i'm the second nicest person he's met... after you. this makes me envy you :P but tom's right, you really are a wonderful person.
- you're one of my favourite people to talk to. we can have silly chats about masturbating walruses, or deeper conversations about our lifelong dreams, and stuff. i really value having you as a friend.
- you're so sweet, and adorable. i can't wait to meet you in august.
- i'm glad we're such close friends. i can't wait until i get to meet you one day. i'll give you the biggest, and bestest hug EVER. followed by us having a sexy make out session ^_^
- you're cute. i have a crush on you. we flirt with each other too much xD
- AHH! you're awesome! i hope we get to meet some day!
- you make some of the best videos on youtube i've ever seen.
- i like your sense of humour, although occasionally our conversations seem a bit awkward, like we're not quite on the same wavelength.
- MUM!
- i remember coming across your videos on youtube, and i loved them, because you reminded me of a slightly younger version of myself. we have lots in common, and it's always fun talking to you. you should come online more often though, and stop neglecting our son so much!! :P Love you.
- it'd be cool to get to know you better, but you're never on skype.