Thursday, 15 January 2009

leg of a frog.

i don't really update this blog much anymore.
i think it's because i have so many other outlets for my thoughts.
like, if something happens to me which i feel like sharing, i'll talk about it in my blogTV show, or i'll make a youtube video, or update my twitter, or simply talk to people on skype... so yeah, apologies for not updating more often...

the past couple of weeks have been fun.

- new years party with lots of amazingly awesome people
- trip to ireland, with a dublin gathering and a day of filming with the TV network RTE
- having Toddly00 come stay with me in sheffield

i'm sure there are other interesting things which have happened, but i cannot think.

i got sent a couple more drawings! the one you see at the top of this blog, and the rather lovely cartoon version of me below ^_^

receiving drawings people have done of me, continues to make me exceptionally happy :D

can't think of anything else to write... so i will go now.

LOVE YOU <33333333


DEFNE!!! :D said...

*smacks head*

Oh my goodness! I completely FORGOT !! I still need to send my drawings XD

(plural ;D)

Reno said...

I'm sure all the people here watch your YouTube, BlogTV, Twitter, etc. so we're still 'in the loop' ;) It's just always interesting to see 'Youtube people' writing or 'presenting themselves' in a different media (lots of 'quotes' in this comment, sorry ^^; XD)

LittleRadge said...

Those drawings of us are totally awesome, did you see the one of me Virunee made?

Elizabeth... said...

Oh gosh yeah, I sent you a link but never the photo! I will do that this weekend.

evilmunchkinbeauty said...

I wanna send a drawing XD but how? hah.


Emo-x-Tastic said...

I'd make you a pretty drawing if I could draw, lol. =]
That cartoon is especially cool. There's not a lot of detail and yet somehow it still manages to look exactly like you.

John Lacey said...

@Uncultured on Twitter:
People with seasonal affective disorder should be prescribed to watch JohnnyDurham19. Bright lights FTW! about 19 hours ago from twitterrific

I thought that was apt.

Kate said...


Maybe I'll draw something.


Or make a Photoshop collage.

samantha said...

I'm thinking about going to university at Sheffield.

But that is subject to change.

Elizabeth... said...

Here it is.
I thought it might have got lost in your blogtv account emails so I'll post it here.


Jon said...

I wanna send a drawing XD but how? hah. Savvy xoxo