Saturday, 27 September 2008

new home.

i've just arrived at my uni accommodation in sheffield.
this will be my home for the next year :)
as you can see from the picture, my stuff is all just dumped down on the floor at the moment,
but i'm going to spend tonight trying to find places for everything.

i'm living on the 3rd floor of my building,
and there is no lift in this block...
so i had to carry all of my belongings up 3 flights of stairs.
it took 16 trips :'(
unsuprisingly, i was a bit tired by the time i was done...

i made friends with a girl who lives in the block opposite me though.
i helped her father carry a massive tv up to her flat as he couldnt lift it by himself.
i felt good for being able to help out :)

i've just got the internet hooked up in my room now,
and i've been checking my comments on my latest video, for the first time since uploading it yesterday...
it's had over 500 comments already, and only about 3 of them were negative.. wooop ^_^
it makes me happy when people like my videos :D

i think i'm going to make a video about the RNLI weekend tomorrow if i have time :)
in the meantime, here is a picture of the weekend:

dave, mhazz, nsg, alex, jazza, charlie <3

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Tom and Jerry

something amused me today. i logged onto msn and there were only two people online; Tom and Jerry...

HAHAHAHA, i used to love that cartoon as a kid xD


i thought this day would never come..

i've decided, i'm leaving myspace for facebook...

well, i'm not "leaving" myspace as such, i'll still sign in occasionally to accept friend requests, and go on musicians profiles and stuff, but i think i'm going to start using facebook a whole lot more. i realised that recently, i've been logging into myspace less and less. i used to log in pretty much every day, but now it's down to about once or twice a week, and i can't remember the last time i actually replied to any messages or comments on there.

i think the reason i'm drifting from myspace is because i don't really have many good friends who go on there very often. i've always just accepted all friend requests on myspace. so now, my friends list is filled with people who've seen me on youtube and added me. and the majority of comments i get are just "hi johnny, how are you?" ... or ... "hi johnny, i saw you on youtube. i like your videos."

it's obviously lovely to get these kinds of comments because it shows people are interested in getting to know me, which is awesome, but it's really hard replying to them all, and i don't really get anything from replying to them. so it seems pointless to keep using it, when all my real friends use facebook a whole lot more.

i'll miss myspace. using html to make my profile look all fancy. adding new profile songs when i come across an awesome new band. taking those "myspace" style photos. and so on. but, it's time to move on.

i'm new to facebook. i've had an account there for years, but never really used it. all of a sudden though, i'm finding it quite exciting. i've just spent about an hour on there looking around, tagging myself in photos, updating my about me section. it was fun.

and there are lot's of cool friends i have on there who use facebook a lot, which is wonderful, as maybe i'll get to speak to them a bit more...
also, i've decided i'm only going to add actual friends on facebook, and not just accept requests from people who've seen my youtube videos. i'll obviously still accept friends from youtube; people i've actually spoken to, or met up with IRL, but i'll not be accepting any random adds.

gosh, this has been a long post, when all i really wanted to say was...

"I'm going to start using facebook more"

Saturday, 20 September 2008

it's my birthday!

the academy is... were AWESOME on tuesday night.
i had a great time at the gig.
the support band (We The Kings) were also pretty damn amazing!
my friend kelly bought me one of their tshirts as a birthday present....
because, guess what?!
and guess what?!

(i stole this picture from nsg's blog xD)

i'm at the RNLI gathering in Poole at the moment.
it's been a great first night.
we've had some nice food, hung out, settled in etc
and we bought some birthday cake from asda for me and nsg :)

the tshirt i'm wearing in the picture is the one kelly bought for me...
it has clouds on it, AND a robot..
so it's a super cool tshirt :D

it's 1.38am now and i'm very tired after spending 7 and a half hours on a train today, so i'm going to go bed. must be up for breakfast at around 8ish tomorrow morning too :'(
but there's lots of fun activities planned for tomorrow, so i must go get some sleep!

goodnight x

Monday, 15 September 2008

the academy is...

thanks for the comments on my last blog :)
it turns out, someone on youtube has already done the 10 second project that i thought was my very own innovative idea... shucks :|
that someone was AmazingPhil. Phil is a super cool guy. I like his videos very much.
so it hasn't put me off from making the video.
i feel almost guilty, like i tried to steal phil's idea for a video and brand it as my own idea, but i hadn't actually seen that video of his, so i guess it's just one of those cases of... "great minds think alike" xD
kudos to Phil for coming up with the idea a few months earlier though ^_^
so yes, i'm going to make the video anyways; in fact, i've already been recording clips for the past 4 or 5 days :)

in other news, i've just found out whilst writing this post, that i might be going down to leeds tomorrow to see The Academy Is...

my friend kelly has an interview with their support band before the gig, and then she has a free +1 pass for the gig so she can write a review afterwards, and she asked if i'd like to be her +1

i need to look at train times etc as i'm working on wednesday so need to make sure i'll be back in time, but all being well i should be able to go on this little spontaneous trip tomorrow :D

woooop, it'll be amazing!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

new video idea.

a video still from my last fiveawesomeguys video;


i had a new idea for a video.
something similar might already have been done on youtube, but i'd like to think that it's a rather innovative idea for a video...
i'm not sure how well it will work though, but anyways, here is the idea;
i'm going to record a 10 second clip of myself every day.
i'm not sure how long for...
maybe 2 weeks, maybe a month,
but it will probably just be for 2 weeks.
i'm not sure what each 10 seconds will contain..
one day i might sing, another day i might dance, another day i might tell a joke.
or maybe i'll just quickly summarise my day into a 10 second blurb..
hopefully each day will be different though.
and at the end of the video project, i'll edit together all the clips in sequence, and it will be a few-minutes long video which gives a little insight into what my life has been like over the past few weeks...
so yes, that's my idea.. what do you think of it?
i'm quite excited about it. hopefully it will turn out well :)


Tuesday, 9 September 2008

today's accomplishment.

sometimes when i'm bored, i take a picture of myself, import it in to photoshop, and then apply random filters to it, until i think it looks vaguely cool.

above is an example of said activity.


it's 12.58.
and i've just woken up.
i saw this picture on someone's myspace.
and it made me giggle.
i hope it makes you giggle too.

Monday, 1 September 2008

alex johnny love.

these pictures were taken by the lovely omgmhazzrocks on our day out to thorpe park a few weeks ago ^_^

mhazz kindly sent me a few pictures of the day, so i thought i'd post a wee blog with them in.

i love looking back at photos from fun days out i've had in the past. it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. it's nice.

this blog post is dedicated to alex, charlie and mhazz, all of whom i love very much.