Monday, 15 September 2008

the academy is...

thanks for the comments on my last blog :)
it turns out, someone on youtube has already done the 10 second project that i thought was my very own innovative idea... shucks :|
that someone was AmazingPhil. Phil is a super cool guy. I like his videos very much.
so it hasn't put me off from making the video.
i feel almost guilty, like i tried to steal phil's idea for a video and brand it as my own idea, but i hadn't actually seen that video of his, so i guess it's just one of those cases of... "great minds think alike" xD
kudos to Phil for coming up with the idea a few months earlier though ^_^
so yes, i'm going to make the video anyways; in fact, i've already been recording clips for the past 4 or 5 days :)

in other news, i've just found out whilst writing this post, that i might be going down to leeds tomorrow to see The Academy Is...

my friend kelly has an interview with their support band before the gig, and then she has a free +1 pass for the gig so she can write a review afterwards, and she asked if i'd like to be her +1

i need to look at train times etc as i'm working on wednesday so need to make sure i'll be back in time, but all being well i should be able to go on this little spontaneous trip tomorrow :D

woooop, it'll be amazing!


Simply Jalyn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHNNY (in 5 days! yes I'm counting)
I'm making you an awesome video and I hope you'll check it out.
Love you muches and looking foward to seeing your new video!
Keep Safe!

Sammy G. said...

If worst comes to worst, just deny EVERYTHING. Hah, it was your video idea all along...
ps, I put your blog on my blog.

Lauren Williams said...

TAI is quite good live. You will enjoy it. Have fun.

MikisthatChick said...

i have to say phil's 10 sec video is one of my favorites on youtube, and one from you would be awesome as well! dont think of it as stealing at all! its a good idea, and yours wont be the same as his, i'm sure!

i am SO jealous of you johnny! TAI is one of my favorite bands. And i went to Warped Tour JUST to see them, only i got stuck in another mosh pit and missed thier performance!! :( so i have yet to see them live! hopefully in a few months.

if you go, i wanna see pictures! :D

Kiky said...

How frustrating it would be to not do whatever you conceive in your mind just because few more individuals out of the, erm, 6.5 x 10 e9 people in the world (and outer space) have thought of it before...

Johnny-flavoured it... reinvent it... :)

kibberon said...

BWAHHHH i loooooooove the academy is. lucky lucky.

AmazingPhil said...

Hey Johnny!!

Weirdly I just stumbled upon your blog and saw my name! XD

I'm glad you are still making the video!!
I'm really excited to see it and
it totally counts as an original idea as you thought of it yourself =]

(And obviously they'l be wayyyy different anyway!)


Kate said...

The Academy quite amazing. :P

I just bought their CD yesterday, and believe that William Beckett is the best thing since sliced bread.

My favorite is "Rumored Nights."