Wednesday, 24 September 2008


i thought this day would never come..

i've decided, i'm leaving myspace for facebook...

well, i'm not "leaving" myspace as such, i'll still sign in occasionally to accept friend requests, and go on musicians profiles and stuff, but i think i'm going to start using facebook a whole lot more. i realised that recently, i've been logging into myspace less and less. i used to log in pretty much every day, but now it's down to about once or twice a week, and i can't remember the last time i actually replied to any messages or comments on there.

i think the reason i'm drifting from myspace is because i don't really have many good friends who go on there very often. i've always just accepted all friend requests on myspace. so now, my friends list is filled with people who've seen me on youtube and added me. and the majority of comments i get are just "hi johnny, how are you?" ... or ... "hi johnny, i saw you on youtube. i like your videos."

it's obviously lovely to get these kinds of comments because it shows people are interested in getting to know me, which is awesome, but it's really hard replying to them all, and i don't really get anything from replying to them. so it seems pointless to keep using it, when all my real friends use facebook a whole lot more.

i'll miss myspace. using html to make my profile look all fancy. adding new profile songs when i come across an awesome new band. taking those "myspace" style photos. and so on. but, it's time to move on.

i'm new to facebook. i've had an account there for years, but never really used it. all of a sudden though, i'm finding it quite exciting. i've just spent about an hour on there looking around, tagging myself in photos, updating my about me section. it was fun.

and there are lot's of cool friends i have on there who use facebook a lot, which is wonderful, as maybe i'll get to speak to them a bit more...
also, i've decided i'm only going to add actual friends on facebook, and not just accept requests from people who've seen my youtube videos. i'll obviously still accept friends from youtube; people i've actually spoken to, or met up with IRL, but i'll not be accepting any random adds.

gosh, this has been a long post, when all i really wanted to say was...

"I'm going to start using facebook more"


MikisthatChick said...

thats quite exactly how i felt when i started using it. i just have so many more friends who use fb than myspace now. and its more accessible i think.

Simply Jalyn said...

*sniffles* myspace and me are gonna miss you Johnny

Kiky said...
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Kiky said...

Greetings Johnny!

Interesting decision you have taken. In my opinion, both are helpful tools, but their approach to what is called "social networking" is dissimilar

As far as I can perceive, MySpace is more like a "jungle" in which you have some freedom to advertise yourself in a more creative way, whereas Facebook tends to standardise the whole networking experience by providing everyone with the same foundation.

As usual, it is a matter of "taste": you may probably try what is available and decide what suits you best. I personally use Facebook for it permits me to keep in touch with my closest friends in a straightforward manner. I have got no complaints up to this point, though many people did not like the new Facebook layout which was implemented few weeks ago.

And with regard to your not accepting random friends, I comprehend and support your position. Honestly, I have not watched your YouTube videos (yet), so I just follow you through this journal. So do not abandon us!

hangbug said...

i do not know wat facebook is

Anonymous said...

hey i wrote u a msg on myspace check it!

Michelic said...

When I first joined facebook, I was like, do I really want to get myself another account which I might NOT use often. But when I did sign up for it, I realised that there is a whole community of my friends on there and I was really surprised! It pays to join late. I'm glad you're visiting facebook more now so I can pry into your life....XD. I'm kidding just so you know.