Wednesday, 11 June 2008

What the hell happened to poptarts?!

yesterday, I had a sudden craving for some chocolate flavoured poptarts!

so, I eagerly made my way to my local supermarket to purchase a box.

however, after looking around for them for quite some time with no success, I asked a nearby store assisstant where I could find them...

and to my complete suprise, and utter devastation, the store assisstant duely told me that the supermarket no longer sold them (?!)


i can't believe it! i know i haven't had a poptart for years, but they can't have stopped selling them completely?! when i was a kid they used to do loads of flavours... chocolate, strawberry, marshmallow, etc, etc... I LOVED THEM!

so yeah, i'm super upset that i couldn't buy any yesterday, so if anyone in the uk is reading this and knows where i can buy some poptarts, then leave me a comment plz!

much love <3