Wednesday, 11 June 2008

What the hell happened to poptarts?!

yesterday, I had a sudden craving for some chocolate flavoured poptarts!

so, I eagerly made my way to my local supermarket to purchase a box.

however, after looking around for them for quite some time with no success, I asked a nearby store assisstant where I could find them...

and to my complete suprise, and utter devastation, the store assisstant duely told me that the supermarket no longer sold them (?!)


i can't believe it! i know i haven't had a poptart for years, but they can't have stopped selling them completely?! when i was a kid they used to do loads of flavours... chocolate, strawberry, marshmallow, etc, etc... I LOVED THEM!

so yeah, i'm super upset that i couldn't buy any yesterday, so if anyone in the uk is reading this and knows where i can buy some poptarts, then leave me a comment plz!

much love <3


Anonymous said...

tesco's online do them in chocolate and strawberry flavour, so Im going to guess they still do them instore

Dave said...

omg I've been meaning to get pop tarts for about a month but I forget every time I'm at the shops!
This worries me.
But mr/mrs anonymous says tesco still do them, phew!


victor said...

they didn't stop making them,
they probably just didn't had it in stock,
so probably go to another grocery store,
they would probably have it,


jess said...

Finally a blog post from johnny! Woo!
All my friends keep on mentioning pop tarts as a snack they've had..
Thing is, I think they might be phasing pop tarts out for some reason. There seems to be less around each time.. Not that I go looking.. But you know.. Just something that I hear. Beats me anyway. Hope you find some though.

Perhaps make a video over your excitement when you do find some? =D Just an excuse for us to get a new video from you.

Take care

Rachel said...

They sell them in Waitrose, I got some for my friends birthsday

Paige said...

Yay for new blog posts!
Pop Tarts disgust me (something about a blob of sugar and fat being marketed as "part of a balanced breakfast" just doesn't sit well with me) and yet they're all-too-abundant here in Canada. I would think they'd still have them at Tesco, why on earth wouldn't they? If need be, I can send some to you from across the pond! :P Good luck with your search!

letmebeawesome said...

i dont think they stopped making them cause i had one yesterday. ;)
poptarts are still there! ^^

Anonymous said...

argh I just deleted on accident my initial comment and it buggers me very much..But is saved you from a long read so ha!:D

Anyway I don't think they have stopped making poptarts, that would just be inhuman and horrible to the people of Britain to deny them the pleasure of sugary sweetness that is a poptart.

They had them last summer in Tesco's so I'm persuming that the market you went to just was out of them. Poptarts still roam the shelves of Sainbury's and Tesco's you just need to look hard enough.:)

Glad you updated btw, you should do that more often.

Take care xo

MikisthatChick said...

no poptarts!!!! johnny this is a dilemma! if you find any, the s'more ones are brilliant.

Milkysponge said...

Omg I did the exact same thing like not too long ago. Except I crave the strawberry ones. I too was devastated by not finding any. :(

Poptarts ftw. :D

Wayne said...

Asda and the big Tescos usually have them. I know Sainsburys don't cause I've tried looking in there before :(

Liane said...

I LOVE POPTARTS. And you, naturally :)

I miss you. Talk to me plz?

Lola in lalaland said...

I live in the US so we still have poptarts :D I could send some to you or you could try e-bay XD Sorry not having poptarts when you want them is a tragedy I would know =( GOOD LUCK!

Hema said...

is it bad that ive never had pop tarts before? will get spme asap though

hahah liane

TaTa said...

in italy we don't have poptarts :( if you find them, can you send them to me? ;)

Kathy said...

Yes, they definitely haven't stopped selling them! I bought some just last week :)

Anonymous said...

I have like 3 boxes in my cupboard (there was a sale) but yeah I'm a fan of them frozen and they have like kinds that at 2 flavors in one. Its pretty sweet. I mean who couldn't go for 1/2 strawberry and 1/2 chocolate.

Anonymous said...

lol i love poptarts. :)

Cazxpenguin said...

Tescos :). They sell them at my local tesco, so im guessing they sell them at tescos elsewhere.
hope you find your poptarts :)

Kristin said...

that must be a crime not to sell them. =[

Tanya said...

Sainsbury's (:

PinkEarth88 said...

I'm from middlesbrough and my supermarket do them (ASDA) but they arnt on the cereal aisle. they are where the bread n stuff is....

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erika said...

i like the little white fish you have. :)
poptarts, however, i'm impartial to. they always burn me, because the goo inside is a lot hotter than the cake outside.
on a lighter note, you seem the type who should litsen to owl city. ummmm, because... they're adorable.

sally said...

i like pop tarts the strawberry and the raspberry ones are good. I'm not too sure about chocolate. They still sell those and dunkaroos in Canada.

Jann Chloe Amber Strangward said...

This worried me, so I went to store to see if they really were gone and no! there they were sitting pretty on the shelves, I hope you fine some soon:)...cheers