Tuesday, 29 April 2008

sexy tshirts.

I really wish I had a little more money...

There are soooo many coool tshirts that i want to buy at the moment :)

The good news is that I'm starting to apply for some part time work, which will give me a little income until i go back to university in september, so as soon as i get a job, i'll be able to afford to buy at least one of these lovely tshirts displayed in this here blog post...

I've also decided to start playing online poker again, and i credited my pokerstars account last night. I know most people think online gambling is wrong/dangerous/addictive, but it really isn't. I've made over $300 in the past from it, which I then withdrew from my account to buy my iPod. So i figured i would reinvest, and hopefully make enough to buy some tshirts, and possibly even make enough to even buy a Wii or an xbox360... I know there is a certain amount of luck involved in all card games, but with poker, there is a lot of skill involved too. Assessing risks, analysing the probabilities of likely cards which could come out, which will either give you an unbeatable hand, or give you a worthless hand... Sure, I'll have some bad days where I don't get the right cards, but if I play sensibly, then overall I'll come out on top, like I've always done in the past :)

Plus, poker is fun and i enjoy it, so it gives me a chance to make a bit of money from something i like doing, which is awesome.

On a separate note, I just wanted to thank everyone who left comments on my last blog post. It was so nice of you guys to offer encouragement about the videos I make. Sorry I haven't replied to any comments on here (blogger confuses me, and I don't even know how to reply to them..) but I do read all the comments here on my blog, so THANKS AGAIN!


Dojemil said...
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jess said...

I like cupcakes :) and those t-shirts look pretty cool. Now I want to find some similiar ones for myself.

I need to apply for a summer job to earn some money; just so I can be a little more independent. Only thing is, I'm not quite sure where to start.

Online gambling is only dangerous when you get really addicted to it and start getting in debt. If you have the control over yourself, then I think gambling is perfectly fine.

Glad to know that you're good at the game though. But poker IS good fun. No thanks to some of the boys in my class, I learnt how to play the game during a school trip in Iceland.

And I'm pretty sure you can just get to this page, and simply reply with your own comment.

Hope you're well.
Take care

Paige said...

Good luck with the job hunt, Johnny! And good luck with the poker as well! Don't get too addicted though, we still need you around to blog and vlog!

I love the shirts, by the way. I really wanted the make cupcakes, not war one but I couldn't justify spending that much on a t-shirt, Johnny Cupcakes shirts are quite expensive! Super jokes, though!

MikisthatChick said...

hahaa good to know i got you addicted to johnny cupcakes!! thats the shirt i'm saving up to buy as well...haha.
i wish i was good at poker/understood poker. :P

and ur welcome! anything to help!

peace and cheers,

Anonymous said...

i like the cupcakes shirt. if more people made cupcakes as opposed to war.. the world would be a much more delicious place.

Anonymous said...

I want the ALIVE one
Oh...and I vote for you:)


Pipa said...

I love to play poker, I never did with money though.. I should try one day..
I've never tried cupcakes, but they look tasty! And the T-shirt looks awesome!

Good Luck for the game and part-time job! :)

Caro said...

I was already surprised when you said that you gained so much money playing online poker in your 50 things video... but i must say the shirts do look pretty awesome so it might be worth spending the earned money on them!

Sylwia said...

make cupcakes, not war!
oh god, it's so truly.

Raychelk said...

I really want a TWLOHA t-shirt too XD As soon as I start getting my EMA I am going to get one. The t-shirts all look pretty cool, but the Meat Sucks t-shirt pwns all.

Good luck with the Poker. I have faith in your ability to resist the addiction, Johnny <3

And we all love your videos - you're amazing, don't fret about it :D

Anonymous said...

definitely get a wii, you'll love it much more than the xbox, i promise you.


toney said...


sara said...

I definitely would've gone with the "make cupcakes not war" t-shirt! all of them were really cool but that one was amazingly funny and sort of adorable :D

btw, I'm very happy to have found your blog! I enjoy your videos - not to mention your latest rendition of Charlies "how to be english"! Gosh, I miss crumpets...I lived in England last year...we don't have crumpets here in Sweden...i miss them. :)

Have a great weekend!

victor said...

those t shirts are like the shitt,
better then like those american eagle,
abercombie and fitch.
hollister etc,
like those t shirts express what a person thinks,
rather then just following the "trend",
and like the trend won't last long anyways,
so thsoe t shirts,
are a great choice,

linda said...

i love the cupcake one.
oh and i want your meat sucks shirt. :D
oh aaand i'm sorry but i just had to steal your fish gadget thing. it's just adorable. haha

DigFire said...

I loved the cupcake t-shirt.
If there was a girl version I would get it for my self.
I wish you the best of luck!

James said...

is the shirt after the TWLOHA (the Alive one) a reference from To Write Love On Her Arms? Just curious...

Anonymous said...

yay for to write love on her arms!!!

generic viagra said...

I like the shirt that says make cupcakes not war! is my favorite!!

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