Thursday, 24 April 2008

lack of inspiration :(

I decided a while back that I was going to stop posting raw “vlogs” on my main youtube channel (JohnnyDurham19), because I usually find that those kind of videos aren’t very interesting (unless you're particularly funny, or entertaining, which I don't really think I am). Seeing as I’ve just recently hit 10,000 subscribers, I’d really prefer not to bore that many people to death with lame, boring vlogs.

I want to be proud of the videos I post. I want them to be creative, interesting, and entertaining; but the problem with this is that it then takes me weeks to actually get round to making a video which I feel is worthy enough to upload. Like for example, I’d love to post some kind of video to celebrate reaching 10,000 subscribers; but I don’t want to post some lame vlog, of me simply saying something cliché along the lines of “Thank you all so much, it really means a lot to me”.

I mean, obviously it does mean a lot to me that so many people have found my videos interesting enough to actually want to subscribe to me, but I want to find a creative way to thank everyone... except I can’t think of anything creative... which means no video...

I guess the point of this blog is just for me to moan about not being able to consistently come up with interesting and unique ideas for videos. Ahh well, I’m sure I’ll make a new video soon regardless... in fact, I'll be posting a new one in a few hours - although, it is by no means an original video idea; it's simply an imitation of someone else's video, but with my own little twist.

Ps, there is a reason for the random picture in the middle of this blog... I decided blogs would be more interesting (and aesthetically pleasing) if they had images in as well as words, so from now on, all my blogs will probably have some form of picture in them :) mhm


Anonymous said...

So I'm trying to make this sound less creepy and stalkerish but I'll probably end up failing miserably anyway.

Firstly I enjoy your blog very much. I know you must get that quite often but I find your thoughts far more interesting, than your vlogs..not in a bad way, because your vlogs are made of awesome too (sorry couldn't help myself), in a blog you don't have to have a great idea that would be interesting or what ever, you can just write about random thoughts that you yourself find interesting never mind what others think.

I can understand where your coming from with the whole dilemma about making videos, but truly, you shouldn't think its your "duty" to make funny or entertaining videos for others..well okay you are in the fiveawsomeguys which means you do but what I've seen you've always made very good videos anyway.But anyway if you think like that it'll just takes the fun factor out of the whole thing.

bugger..this just sounds like I'm lecturing you or something..sheez didn't mean to but yeah, sorry. Keep up the good work with this blog, I did check quite often if you'd updated it. Just so you know:D

I'll leave my own blog website so as to just give a face to err the gitiness..that probably doens't help anything, but I suppose it's only polite.

P.S your fish feeding thing is really quite depressing, I always feel so very sorry for the white fish. It never gets food poor thing:L

Okos said...

Okay listen up Johnny, because I think you would want to read this, since its all about you ^^.

I dont think that ANY of your videos lacks of anything, the only thing you could do better is trying to be more un-real, because it seem like you are being too real, but like you know, who am I? You got like 10,000 subscibers (which I was the 10.000nd btw ^^) and probably over 2 million views on your videos by being real.

So basicly what I'm trying to say is, keep going like you've done, because duuh - people LOVE YOU, and just to support you I will tell all my friends about you, because I really think your voice should be heard and I love your opinions, I just hope when I start vlogging I'll be near as good as you :).

Humm, any other advices... YEAH - Do another "meaningful" vlog, such as you know "Make A Difference", because I think that really touched people and it was YOUR IDEA - right? =)

Well, I Wish You Well Johnny, and Keep Up The Good Work ^^ =).

kibberon said...

i'm glad you started blogging again, and as often as you have been blogging too. and i don't think your vlogs are as boring as you think they are.

MikisthatChick said...

the pressure of being loved so honestly is alot of pressure coz you feel like you have to do something amazing in each video to "deserve" all your subs, right? i know alot of people are starting to feel that way. :(
johnny, i want you to know that, despite the pressure that will probly always be there, your subs have subscribed because they love the videos you make and they enjoy watching you. youtube is a way to express yourself, dont feel like you have to be anything other than yourself for your subs. actually, Adam just wrote an interesting blog about this the other day.

and as for the 10k subs video, i'll let you know if i think of anything


JohnOfJordan said...

You know its never too late to source a really good bulk discount on post it notes. ;)

But I think people like you and are largely less critical of your videos than you are. But then I can't really talk... I haven't made a video I've liked in months and months.

Jess said...

An instant thought came into my mind of "bananas". But then I figured eating 10,000 bananas, 1 for each subscriber really isn't the way to go. You might genuinely end up growing fur and then growing a long tail and then turning into a monkey. Or you'll just get seriously ill. Hmm...

Do another dance for your subscribers in that skeleton outfit of yours.. Or do another competition..

Oh oh oh! A stroke of inspiration just hit me. Learn to fly an aeroplane and drag along a banner with it that says "10,000 subscribers! Thank you!" on it :D:D

Ok that was over the top.. But I'm trying.. (You could always arrange for someone else to fly it though.. Lol) I'll comment again if I can think of anything that might be remotely realistic and interesting.

Take care

kimg said...

I diddnt read what the others commented, so mine will probally say the same thing. But I've always enjoyed your videos, and all thos who've subscribed must too, so just be yourself, that why they suscribed in the first place, because they like who you are.

Bergrun said...

I am bookmarking this site.
I like your blogs. I guess I'll be commenting more often if that's okay.

CathyDirector said...

Hey your Videos are really good, better then mine. I think you should do what you like and not what other will be from you.(Sorry for that bad English).

So anyways get back when you have start vlogging, i know when it was! :)
First we will wait what other People think about your Video, then you have found a Way to entertain People and you have found new Friends!

I'm too. And i must say since i do vlogging i'm more open for People, Languages and other.

You know me from the Beginning, i could say i was your first Fan on LV. Now I'm your Friend and in Future.

OMG! I think that was my first blog here on blogger.

love and hugs,

sylwusiak said...

cool you're back! ;)
it's good you want your vids to be the best as they could and you do (teddy beardressed like a sailor was awesome!). but... you're not gonna leave us, are you?!


Cori said...

You're vlogs are awesome. I can understand why you wouldn't want them up though since you've got over 10 thousand subscribers.

Aw man I remember when I first subscribed you had those first few vids up that were sooooo long haha. No jump cuts! They were pretty entertaining though... and it was cool cause it was like you, in real time. Cute! I noticed you started doing way more editing and cut you're footage up alot more later on... and still do now

Anywho, yes just stopping by to say hiiiii

- Cori

Kat.......... said...

NOOO!! YOU HAVE TO STAY ON YOUTUBE!! i love yur vlogs!! they are the most awsomest videos i ever saw!!!

btw, my username is gerardwayandlife. yuppp....but keep making the videos! you r my heroo!!!

Raychelk said...

I'm sorry that I only just read this post D: exams have been keeping me busy and I completly missed it. God, that did sound stalkerish, didn't it? ;D

First and foremost, your videos are amazing. Weather they are Vlogs or not they're you, so they will always be entertaining because that's what you're good at - entertaining people.

Secondly, you should be proud of all your videos to date. I've watched them all (stalkerishly enough) and I've loved every single one. Even if it takes you months to make a new video we'll all be glad to get it! XD I love seeing your videos on my subscribers list, so don't worry about how long it takes you on your main account. We can all be sedated by your FAG videos until you can find some inspiration.

Keep smiling, Johnny! =D And the pictures are a nice idea ;)

-raych x