Monday, 21 April 2008

my weekend!

Good golly gosh.

I haven’t updated this blog in months! I’m very sorry to anyone who has been checking back here regularly for updates; although I have a feeling very few people (if any) would have been doing that...

Anyway, I just thought I would post a little blog today to talk about my weekend...

But first, here is a picture I took today of me with my favourite lamp shade!!!

Woooop!!! (Isn't it beautiful?!)

Ok, so I may well end up talking about my weekend in my fiveawesomeguys video on Friday, but I wanted to put something down in words now, while it’s still relatively fresh in my memory :)

My weekend was AWESOME!

I took the train down to London on Saturday morning, and met up with Alex (nerimon) at Paddington Station, and then we got the train to Bath to go and see Charlie (charlieissocoollike).

The main point of the trip was for Alex and I to see Charlie act in the play he was in – His Dark Materials; and I must say, that I was blown away by how brilliant the play was. It was absolutely amazing! Charlie was exceptionally good in all his roles, especially Jopari which was his main character. Here is a picture of him in character (on the left):

(I didn’t take this picture, I just stole it from Charlie’s blog xD )

So yeah, it was a privilege to see Charlie acting in the play, and he gave a brilliant performance.

The thing I enjoyed most about the weekend though was just that I got the chance to hang out with Charlie and Alex. I mean, I’ve met them both before at youtube gatherings, but because there is often so many people at those things, you never really get a chance to spend much time with everyone individually, which is why it was so great going to Bath this weekend as I got to spend a good amount of time with both of the guys; and they’re obviously both awesome people to spend time with, so it was definitely a fun weekend.

It’s hard to put into words why I had such a good time. I could easily start writing about all of the quirky, funny things that happened, like meeting Mr “i’ve got 35,000 views” poppadom guy, or when Charlie took us on a backstage tour of the theatre... but explaining all these things in a blog won’t give a true reflection of how fun they were, and they’ll probably just tarnish the memories, so I’ll stop writing now.

I don’t know if Charlie or Alex will get round to reading this, but if you guys have been reading, then thanks for an awesome weekend!!!


Jess said...

<3 the lampshade! It IS beautiful :) I also like the fact that due to the light, it looks like you don't really have a nose :D

I find it amazing how both you and Alex made the effort to go and see Charlie in his play. I wish I had that same sort of commitment and effort to do such a thing like that.

Anyway, nice to know you had a brilliant weekend.

Take care

Cazxpenguin said...

Seems like you had a great time.
I bet Charlie is a great actor.
You guys are ... awesome. sorry i couldnt think of another word :).
I would have gone but i live in Manchester so it would have taken me like 6 or so hours on the Train.
How long did it take you to get there?
Glad you had a nice weekend.

Liz said...

wish I could've been there... :(

davedave84 said...

I♥U johnny

MikisthatChick said...

finally!! a blog from johnny!!! you new website is awesome by the way....and i agree..."sub4sub" has to be one of the most bloody annoying things ever. :P

sounds like you had an awesome weekend! i dont see how the 3 of you WOULDNT have fun, considering you are all amazing and hilarious and awesome.
i wish i could have seen the play, as i love the books. i'll bet charlie was wicked good!

and your lamp is gorgeous, johnny, really.
haha the other day i was with my friends and i saw a funny lamp, so of course i shout "king lampy lamp!" and they al just stared. haha.


Sean Patrick Brennan said...

great blog...very refreshing to see words from you and not just videos...even though I still enjoy the videos very, very much of course =) ...I'm really jealous of you Johnny, getting to meet those (super cute tho sadly straight) youtube celebrities...then again, you've become one too haha...and I'm more jealous of them cause they got to hang with (super hot)you *sigh with a smile* thanks for the blog =) --sean aka angelenroute

JohnOfJordan said...

JOJ was here.
Just sayin'

Oktay said...

Haha dont worry Johnny, I'm checking for updates ^^.