Tuesday, 22 January 2008

meat sucks.

soooo, I ordered a new t-shirt yesterday from dropdead clothing.
I originally saw the t-shirt in a blog post on the peta2 website, and just had to get one.

apparently they are going to be quite a limited edition, which is rather cool i suppose...
but yeah... how awesome are vegetarian t-shirts?!
I love buying t-shirts which have a design which actually makes a point.
like my anti-smoking one, or my Make Poverty History campaign t-shirt.
it's nice to support good causes like that, as well as getting to own a really cool item of clothing :)

so hopefully it will arrive later this week. I got an email earlier today to say it had been dispatched :)
I think when it arrives I might throw it on to make a new video for the tubes.
I've been wanting to make a "The reasons I'm vegetarian are..." video for ages now, and after buying this t-shirt I think now would be as good of a time as any to get making that particular video :)

Vegetarians are hotter than meat-eaters!


Mik said...

Oi i NEED that shirt! it is quite fantastic. I love telling people that i am a vegetarian and answering their dumb questions. And i love their faces when i tell them i dont eat meat because putting dead flesh in my mouth isnt very fun.
i cant wait for the video! thats a good idea actually, i started to go into that in my vlog tag vid, but then i wound up just being angry at people who constantly ask me if i eat chickens.

peace johnny

Savs said...

The hormones! All the growth hormones "they" put in meat and milk make us grow bigger (unfortunately both vertically AND horizontally).

faketalesNY said...

i LOVE that shirt! I am a new veg, but it was one of the best decisions i have ever made.

vegetarians are WAY hotter than meat eaters.

clare said...

please make that video! it would be fantastic!

RoboFillet said...

If I were a vego, I would probably wear that shirt. I'm one of those horrid carnivores, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

I am veggie too :)

There are so many reasons to be veggie... It's surprising that so many people think it's ridiculous to not eat meat. Have you been a vegetarian all your life? I've been one for 5 years now, it all started when I found out about the meetyourmeat video... then some research and then I've never gone back to it. I'm surprised that I believed my parents when I was younger about what happens to the animals...
"They only kill them when they are old and can't live longer" Me, gullible believed it for so long.
Anyway, I look forward to seeing your future youtube video.

Erin said...

I need that shirt! lol, I'm almost vegitarian...I just have to stop eating chicken...but, there's enough of them that It's okay if it takes a while.

Anonymous said...

but.......i love meat *brb*
you're a God, I suppose :P

muffin said...

yay, vegetarians! xD
I've been vegetarian for my whole life, thanks to my mother ^^
...mh, but I hate those arguments between veggies and meat-eaters that seem to spread all over the internet. and did you know vegan sites like "vegetarier-sind-moerder.de" (vegetarians-are-murderers) exist? and they are so agressive, and tell us veggies were much worse than meat-eaters and hypocritical... erm.. it's sad.. and I just don't know how to say this better in english. sorry

Anonymous said...

my comment isn´t really a response to "meat sucks" (i´m not a vegetarian at all).
it´s rather a short message to YOU, Johnny.
I found out that someone like YOU exists only today, few hours ago, and though it´s a short time, i must say i´m fond of you:-)
your videos are...well...different, not violent and stupid as many others. i was surprised that i love same bands as you do, too (anyway, i´m better at drawing trees:-)
i don´t think you will ever read this or even reply, but nice sense of humour in your videos helps me to recover from my pneumonia.

dominika from CZECH REPUBLIC
p.s. i hope my english wasn´t disaster:-)
p.p.s. will you marry me? (only kidding:-)

ELIN said...

that's great you're vegetarian; good to reduce your carbon footprint and such

Anonymous said...

yay for vegetarians, but more importantly yay for intellectual saracasm and abandoned blogs...oh and yay for internet that provides minute [mine-u-t] connections across the world.

love and joy from nashville, tn.

DaveDave said...

Yay! That shirt is kewl, and it will look awesome on you Johnny! Hoping you havent forgotten about your blog here lol. wish you the best!

Anonymous said...

i wish i had the strength to become a vegetarian...but i honestly don't. even though i eat meat, i happen to like that shirt.

btw, i love your vids! they're amazing. :) and i think you're pretty incredible.

mcontherocks said...


~Morganlee~ said...

cows have feelings to

Anonymous said...

Vegetarians are kind of strange. Isn't it like natural to eat meat?
And if not...
I don't feel bad because I eat meat. I like it. But anyway I won't judge people on whether or not they eat meat.
Meat is healthy.

I don't see the point in this comment.

KaT.B said...

..why thankyou :>

Alexandra said...

I absolutely need that shirt. I havn't eaten meat for 4 years... and my friends hate it. :)

Just to make them even more furious about it, I'm going to track down one of these T-Shirts! They are; amazing, amazing, awesome, and amazing. Right? Yes.
Sorry, Im just so HAPPY!! to have found this... Straight up amazing.

karley said...

Im still waiting for that video you know. post more soon please. love you and your videos,

Mary said...

i want that shirt :-O

being a veggie is cool. and it makes me feel waaaay better about myself.

Karly said...

My 'meat sucks' t-shirt was delivered today. It's so awesome! I can't wait to show it off...although i know all my meat eating friends will not want to be associated with me while im wearing it...Hehe.
<3 you Johnny!

- Karly

DigFire said...

hahaha johnny ur awesome.
but im an omnivore.
and i think meat rules!

kleo said...

i love being a veggie. and also getting people engaged in conversations why meat is so terrible.
this one meat packing company (hallmark/westland) was torturing cows, water boarding them, electrocuting them, jabbing them with forklift blades, and even dragging cows with chains. all this just to make them stand up for slaughter. AND this meat packing compony was "supplier of the year" 2004-05. they were even the number 2 meat supplier for the national school lunch program. the treatment of all these poor animals is enough to make me sick.


Anonymous said...

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