Friday, 3 October 2008

charlie and alex <3

on tuesday, two of my awesome guys dyed their hair and then shaved it all off for charity.
they raised over £4,000 for Cancer Research.
they did this whilst broadcasting themselves live on blogtv to thousands of people on the internets, for 7 hours.
i watched the majority of the show - it was lots of fun!
i'm super proud of both charlie and alex; they're an inspiration.
you can still donate via:


Kiky said...

Anew, it is lovely to find people like Charlie, Alex, and you who are using your privileged position to summon people to collaborate for good causes. Not many humans would have that commitment, so kudos to all of you.

By the way, thank you for letting us know about the site that donates rice grains when you play its mini-games. Having spent 20 minutes in there was quite an educational experience for I practised my English vocabulary. I even showed the site to my students in class and challenged them to have some fun whilst helping to a good cause.

Keep things like this up, Johnny-e. :)

Barry Aldridge said...

It was really awesome of Charlie and Alex.

You are awesome too Johnny

Nessa said...

i didn't get to see the show but i watched some of the recordings.
i think charlie looks really good with that red hair.

Brendaisarebel said...

I live all the way in Thailand, so I had to wake up super early just to catch the end of their tv show. :)
I love all of the awesome guys!

Kylie said...

I watched the last five hours of the show, I was at school for the first two. I positively adore Charlie for doing something so selfless for his own Birthday, that's so sweet! But I felt so terrible for him when he was actually cutting his hair, he looked so sad! It was also darling of Alex to go ahead and buzz his hair off too, I loves them both :) <3

You rock my sox too, Johnny =D

Infinite x's and o's,