Friday, 3 October 2008

featured part deux.

i've just read back my last blog post, and realised it might have sounded a bit like i was ungrateful for getting featured...

i didn't mean it to sound like that!

it's an honour to get featured. it's awesome! i love it! it makes me happy, and proud. and it makes my giblets tingle.

youtube can choose from thousands of videos to feature, but they chose mine, which obviously makes me feel very special :)

also, the video has ended up doing really well. it had about 9,000 views when it got featured (i think), and a day later it is now up to over 70,000 views, which is truly awesome!

i got a nice text from Laura at the RNLI today as well, to congratulate me on having the video featured, which was super kind of her :D

i'm looking forward to what's coming up next with the mystery package people! :D


1 comment:

Kiky said...

At least to me, your last post did sound a little bit as though you were wishing your 10 second video project to had been featured in lieu of the RNLI one... But well, it is a matter of preferences...

Of course I comprehend you are proud of the RNLI video, and I could bet you are proud of every single video you have recorded as well. But let us face it: we do and will always have our favourite things, those that we, for some reason, keep in higher regard... and do not consider having a proclivity for something to be a cumbersome situation... just do not limit Johnny-e... :)