Thursday, 16 October 2008

upcoming weekends!

i'm really excited about the next couple of weekends!

this coming weekend, i'm going down to stay with my friend jordan who lives in oxford. he's doing a phd down there. i'm getting picked up by my two friends; michael and morgan, who are coming down from durham, and then we're going to drive on down to oxford together for the weekend.

our other friend laura is also doing a phd in oxford, and she's invited us to a party on the saturday night, so i'll hopefully get to see her then too! ^_^

and i think we're planning on having a day trip into london on the sunday which will be cool!

here is a picture of the three guys i'll be hanging out with all weekend, just so you readers can picture what they look like, and can imagine us all having fun together xD

so yeah, i'm looking forward to this weekend!

those guys are three of my bestest friends ever,

so the weekend is bound to be tonnes of fun! :D


the weekend after that is also going to be completely awesome!

i'm going to london on the friday. i have a meeting with a TV production company on friday afternoon (which i'll talk more about in another blog post). then i'm going to be hanging out with alex on friday night. we'll be doing his blogtv show together :)

i'll be staying overnight at alex's house, and then we'll be going along to the youtube gathering on saturday afternoon which i'm super excited about! i haven't been to a proper youtube gathering in over a year, so it'll be fun! there's lots of people i'm looking forward to meeting :D

oh, and i think i'm getting the bus down to london on the friday with calum (itscalum010) so it'll be cool to spend some more time with him again after we hung out last weekend.

ok, this blog post is beginning to get super long... GTG!

johnny xoxo


Kiky said...

Talking about Youtube changing your life? Just read your own entry and your forthcoming plans! And it seems as though it could be better in terms of that appointment you have with the TV company.

It is neat that you keep in touch with your old friends as well. It is relieving to count on people in happiness and adversity, don't you think? Enjoy them as much as you can. I am elated for you are elated. :)

- Stay safe.

Milkysponge said...



Your friends are doing doctorates at oxford... geniuses. :|

Have fun with all these awesome weekends. :D

Anonymous said...

why are all of the cute guys across the pond?

CathyDirector said...

Hey Johnny, I wish you a lots of fun with all your Friends.
WOW Johnny TV :P
I wish i could go to the gathering.
That its to difficult to get cheap tickets in that short time :(
Maybe next time.

MikisthatChick said...

have a totally rad time with your friends Johnny!! looks like youre a fun bunch of people.

my dream used to be going to oxford, coz it would kill 2 birds with one stone, get me to England, and get a good education. then i realized i dont think i'm smart enough... haha oh well.


Simply Jalyn said...

Johnny what time is Alex(and you's) show? :D