Saturday, 4 October 2008

There are some creepy people on the internet.

I got this message from a user on YouTube today called GoranSian:

l would like very very very hot sucking ur ass
so mcuh l like that sucking ur cock
l want eat ur all the body
please please please if you like taht tell me
hi dear how are you
l hope you doing well all the best for you
l want sucking ur cock
l want sucking very hot sucking ur ass
l want sucking very hot ur dick
do you have a very nice cock
l loves sucking ur cock
l want very hot sucking ur cock
l loves sucking ur ass
are you like please tell me,
iam so much loves sucking ur cock because are you very beautiful and all the body ,and also love sucking ur cock ,actully so very very very beautiful are you cock l love sucking ur cock
l want eat ur cock
l want eat ur ass
l want very hot sucking ur ass
keep in touch and take care
please please please are you like that tell me
l can make massgae very special all the body with you
l want very very very hot sucking ue ass
do you have a very beautiful all the bdoy l lovely thsi is body with you
l want eat ur body..
l want eat ur ass u like tell me very fast

This is what I replied to the message:

Dear Goran,

Thank you for the message.

I had a little difficulty understanding all of the message due to the poor grammar and spelling, but from what I can gather, you would like to suck my cock and/or ass?

Thank you for this kind offer, however I feel it would be slightly inappropriate for me to accept it, due to the fact that you are just some random person on the internet and I have no clue who you are.

Kind Regards,



Ikklemee8 said...

I love the fact you replied!!
What you said back was hilarious =]

There are some creeps out there

Sammy G. said...

"l want sucking very hot sucking ur ass".
lol what does that even mean?
kids these days.

R3nG@ said...

that guy seriously needs English tuition..... and he sounds too despo!!!

the reply you gave was hilarious :)


milkysponge said...


Good use of and/or.

"The Internet's not always a safe place." xD

MikisthatChick said...

you are amazing Johnny, to even reply to that, major props.

Barry Aldridge said...

Well done on replying back to this person. I agree that the original message made no sense at all.

Matthew said...

Served by Johnny. :P

Kiky said...

What a random persona!

Welcome to the wondrous Internet, where the anonymity kindly seduces you to play a role you would not even consider otherwise. I am particularly interested in studying these kind of cyber-affairs: what would be happening inside this person's mind so as to motivate him/her to send you such aromantic piece of poetry? Does he speak in a similar manner in real life? Who knows...

And quite a diligent response that of yours, indeed... It makes me wonder whether you would accept the proposal had it been written by someone who is neither random nor unknown to you... and literate! :D

-Stay safe

Anonymous said...


Great reply, Johnny.

Lilly Melody said...


Great response, Johnny xD I wish the one who receives it had the intelligence to understand the wit :)

Alexandra said...

Your reply made my life. XD

Anonymous said...

i just spent 10 minutes feeding the fish...seriously

The Blog Babes ~ Tom and Shelby said...

LOL you are amazing Johnny! Who the heck would even send a message like that, so random. Oh well atleast you are able to joke about it! People really do send crazy things on the internet, goodness. Nice reply though. :p

they call her buttercup said...

So... if they were not random? and spoke english? lol

Anonymous said...

it's nice you replied
but you shouldn't, it waste a totally waste of your time

hello i'm hanne said...

your reply made me lol :)
luckily i haven't received one of those lovely messages yet..

Anonymous said...

The message made me cringe.

The reply made me laugh.


Not quite THAT interesting... said...

Well, that made confusing reading.
I hope they find your reply understandable (and amusing as I did) as they didn't have very good English of their own!

Strange indeed.


i-sense-sarcasm said...

I loved your cynical, somewhat sarcastic and witty response to that creep. And also, I couldn't believe that you actually replied so politely. You should take a look at the other responses that guy got. Those responses are somewhat along the lines of what I would have wrote =D

SharpFinale said...

ahem..well that was a very uncomfortable message to read.
At least he got a message back from you...lucky boy:\

Mary said...

wow.... xD his msg left me rather speechless, lol.
i love how he wrote "keep in touch" as if you guys had been talking to each other or something, hahaha. :D

i agree with the others, your reply was great, lol.

Dympna said...

It almost sounds like lyrics, really crappy lyrics, but lyrics all the same.

vicky. said...

that made me laugh. quite a lot .

especially seeing as my mum walked in and was like :O what?!?!


Brian said...

Okay that kind of scared the crap out of me. lol

Sounds like some perverted cannibal.

behniwal08 said...

oh dear god:|