Friday, 31 October 2008

i'm a zombie.

i bought some face paints today for halloween!
i'm not exactly the best make up artist ever,
but i'm meant to be a ZOMBIE!
cool, hur?!

i might not even be going out tonight
(i'm waiting to hear back from a friend)
but i thought i'd get zombiefied anyway,
because it's funnnn! xD


Krista said...

Darn right it's fun!!

CathyDirector said...

looks scary good. Great work Johnny!
Happy Halloween!

Kiky said...

Someone has been studying late at night recently, huh? And just for tonight, I will be an avocado!

-Stay safe.

Paige said...

I love it! I'm gonna be a vampire, I'm spending the next 3 hours on my makeup before heading out to party. Hope you're having a great Hallowe'en night!

SharpFinale said...

you know, johhny, it might've been more effective were it not for your soft puppy eyes:P