Saturday, 1 November 2008

top friends.

it seems that youtube has added a new feature,
where you can add a list of youtubers to your profile.
(i think this feature might just be for partners though)

half way down my page, on the left:

i can't decide whether i like it, or despise it.

i think it's cool that you can add a list of people that you like to your channel.
you can give exposure to the people you think make great videos,
and you can show off your youtube friends.

if someone adds me to their list, then i'd be over the moon! :D
it'd make me feel special, and loved.

but at the same time, there are only 16 spaces on the list..
which means you're bound to leave someone out who feels like they should be on your list.

it seems to have an elitist element to it, which i think i hate.

it's similar to the whole "top 8 friends list" on myspace....

chris crocker explains things better than I ever could... xD

for now, i've put one of these lists on my youtube profile.

i might remove it though.

but yeah... i'd like your opinions?

do you think it's a good idea or a bad idea to have one of these lists on youtube? or do you think i'm just overthinking things??


Josh Okies said...

I like the idea. It's not so much a "top friends" thing, but it's more of a way to show the rest of youtube the people that you watch and you think make entertaining videos.


nikkyrowell said...

Yeah, I'm torn...I get both sides of it. I guess though if someone gets upset about not being on your top friends list, they're are some issues there that maybe they should sort out...


Hope you had a happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

I think you might be overthinking it a little bit. It's just supposed to be a feature to show who you like but, then again, you should be able to increase the amount of people you want in the list. Hmm, I don't know...

Wayne said...

I think its verrry myspace 'top 8ish' .. which I hate ha :)

But then its just youtube I guess!


ben robot said...

I like it! Time to show off the people I love :D

midaftermoon said...

I agree with the top friends idea. On my top friends on myspace, I put my best friend of 15 years, my mom, and my boyfriend of 10 months. And bands I like- so I'm not really into the whole top friends idea in the first place.

I don't like the thing on youtube, I think that if you put people in there it should be people who are good videomakers instead of your friends.

I understand that your friends make quality videos, which qualifies for them to be in there. But some people don't, and can still be in there, then they should be taken out.

I'm not trying to be mean or anything.

Cynthia said...

Do they have to be your YouTube friends list or can it be anybody you subscribe to?

Because it would be kind of cool to show off my favorite channels, but I can't find the option on my account.

Dave said...

I always hated the myspace top friend politics, So on my main myspace page I only have bands who I am friends with and want to help people find them.

I think with youtube I might do a similar thing. It's good for promoting people who deserve it but as you say there are way more than 16 people I know that deserve it. If I add it I'll probably change it every week or two so people can't complain!

p.s. <333333 XD

Barry Aldridge said...

I like the idea, but I rather use it to promote smaller channels every week.

So Im 50/50 on this.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure. Awesome idea, but like you said, someone's bound to get left out. So they'll un-sub you, then other people will see that, etc.

Vanessa said...

I think that you can have the list but change people every now and then so that everyone you want can be on the list for a while. :) <3

j0ames said...

I put some special people on mine just now...
I wonder who <3

Starr said...

I think Youtube is trying quite hard to be a social networking kind of deal now, maybe because they realize how people make friends and little communities on Youtube.
But I don't particularly like this new feature. If you like a channel, then you'd most likely be subscribed to it. If someone wanted to know who JohnnyDurham19 liked to watch, they could always just check his subscriptions.
It's good for promoting people, I suppose, since looking through all of someone's subscriptions can be tedious.

Milkysponge said...

I think it's something YouTube put in to aid being discovered, normally becoming popular on YouTube requires a feature or luck. Maybe both.

But I think they put it in as a way for people with more subscribers to feature undiscovered YouTubers.

Provided that you don't treat it as "top friends-ish" I don't think people will bother complaining over who you choose to put on there. Your friends on YouTube will probably have the same struggle. Haha. ^^

Kiky said...

I concur with you about the elitist tendency this feature could put forward... yet I would not discourage you to use it. Nevertheless, I would explain what that list exactly represents to me so as to avoid any possible misunderstanding.

-Stay safe.

dependentvariable said...

i suppose it's alright,
it's sort of just to show who you like watching. and you could like, always be switching it up so it's not really that elitist.

sparklegreen said...

I read this blog and watched Chris Crocker's myspace video, and then another CC video, and totally forgot I was still on your blog :o