Tuesday, 4 November 2008


today is election day in the US...

i wish i could vote!

i've never really been interested in politics here in the UK, but i've been so interested in the US presidential elections recently!

i'm a huge barack obama supporter. i agree with his views/policies on almost everything. i like his views on how to change the economy, withdrawing troops from iraq, gay marriage/equal rights, being pro-choice on the topic of abortion, and so on...

on the opposite hand, i have no idea why anyone would even consider voting for mccain. i understand he does have his strengths. notably his age, and experience. but his views on things seem to be so outdated and closed-minded.

for example, his stance on gay rights and abortion make me so frustrated. he has the same opinions as that of an ignorant, bigoted redneck. damn republicans.

i'm probably slightly uninformed on some topics surrounding each candidate's policies, and i'll not pretend i'm an expert on the presidential debates, because i'm not. but i know enough to make an educated decision on who i think would be best as the next president.

the polls are currently showing that obama is favourite to win. i dearly hope the polls are correct.

(forgive me if i've insulted anyone reading this who supports mccain. i'm just stating my opinions.)


Milkysponge said...

I'm like exactly the same with politics - completely uninformed on the UK politics but really interested in the US politics. I should probably fix that sometime considering I'm from the UK too. ^^

There's always 2 sides to an argument so I guess if one politician pushes change the other will push conservation, hence McCain's policies.

And yeah, most republican supporters are rednecks. :P

By the way you mistyped expert as expect, probably during changing what you were saying or something, hehe. You may want to edit it, if you can. :o

Anonymous said...

Hello. :) I'm American and I plan on voting for Obama today. His views simply make the most sense. The only thing I'd have to disagree with you on is that McCain's age is an asset. That's actually one of the reasons that I don't want him to win. I can see that he has a lot of experience, because he's older, but veterans and POWs like him sadly don't live long. I'm afraid that he'll die in office and that know-nothing Sarah Palin will become president! That would be simply terrifying! Let's hope everything turns out how it should, and Obama wins, so we don't have to deal with that. :)


Paige said...

This is my favourite of your posts, easily.
I'm Canadian, so alas I can't vote for Obama either. Absolutely would if I could, though! I completely agree with you that McCain's ideals are backwards and closed-minded. I agree with Obama because I believe that people should have rights and freedom. Simple as that.

Camilla said...

this described me exactly. Hopefully change will come tonight.

Anonymous said...

Just because McCain's opinions are different from yours doesn't mean he's an uninformed redneck. As someone from the South in the US I'm offended and disappointed in you and frankly, I'm offended.

peaceizgr8 said...

Ba-ROCK the vote...he's a great guy...and I'm glad you support him being from the UK and all...keep your fingers crossed...this is a huge step for AMERICA...our first black president...hopefully!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Obama's a pretty talker... and that's pretty much it. He's full of hollow slogans and pagentry.

He's got 180 days of experience in the government. How does that qualify him to be president?

He's friends with domestic terrorists, is anti-competition and has been trying to bribe the ignorant with tax cuts that he won't be able to follow through with.

What's to like in this guy?

The other things you mentioned- abortion, gay marriage, etc... the president cannot change those things anyway.

Anonymous said...

I agree with one of the comments above, I am disappointed that you would stereotype every republican as an ignorant redneck when you don't even live in the U.S. I encourage you to be respectful of others opinions, just as I am to yours. I hope that you learn this as you grow through your experiences in life, Johnny.

Barry Aldridge said...

I have to agree with what you said Johnny. I will admit I was interested in Politics years ago but when the war happened and the government was getting boring, I got turned off UK Politics.

Obama has made it interesting to view politics because he truly believes in what he says.

GOOD NEWS is that Obama has Won.

Sammy G. said...

1.) Obama does have relationships with radicals and "terrorists"

2.) Higher taxes to pay for welfare for people who don't work for it.

3.) Extreme gun control to where I can't even hunt on my own land! (I live in Texas, how do you think I feel about that?)

However, he is already the president-elect and he commands my respect for his accomplishments. At least I'm informed, unlike you JohnnyDurham19!

But I don't watch your videos for the politics. ^_^

Kiky said...

I am not that knowledgeable in terms of US politics anyhow, but truth is that Obama has won the presidential election.

Certainly, and speaking from what I know about them, I would have voted for Obama as well: he seems to be the best option for me in terms of policies and affairs.

-Stay safe.

MikisthatChick said...

Ahhh johnny, i hate to say it, but i basically disagree with everything. but, living in the most Liberal state in the US, i'm used to being the underdog.

i just have some major issues with Obama...he looks good in front of the camera, but there are many little things that dont add up. like, in his "memoirs" he was funded to write (which i dont see up to this point, that he was really done much to write about) he mentions how close he is with his Aunt. then, a few weeks ago, it is revealed that his Aunt is an illegal immigrant who was asked to leave, or become naturalized, over 4 years ago, and she had done nothing about it. Now she is living in subsidized housing, which mean that i, as a taxpayer in the state, am payer for her taxes, house, welfare, and all of it. That doenst seem fair. But, when this news came out, Obama claims he never knew this and hadnt seen her in years (but she attended his senate inauguration?). How could he not know if she is such a huge part of his life, as he wrote in his book? and when he went to visit her, couldnt he tell how she was living? plus, his whole idea is to "spread the wealth", but while his Aunt is living on welfare, he is a millionaire.
Its things like that which really bother me about him...other than the fact that i disagree with almost all his policies.

But, the election is over, it doenst matter now. My mom said she's considering moving to another country..haha i suggested England :P

sorry for the rant, is just bothers me when people fail to connect things and create the big picture..not that i'm saying this is what you did, as you dont even live in the US, so i wouldnt expect you to spend your days informing yourself on all this. I do appreciate that you are interested in US politics tho! thats awesome, i wish i were more educated on International politics as well.

again, sorry for the rant when the polls are closed, i just felt that since i cant rant in my ow town (all the democrats will hurt me) that you and your readers will be more recieving :D

cheers Johnny, have a rad day!

Anonymous said...

To those Americans who are offended by what Johnny had to say about McCain :

I'm not an American, let me tell you that.
But I dare say, I respect each and every one of you for your reasons of voting McCain, or Obama.

Really, maybe McCain would have been better for America? I wouldn't know.

But I do think that bombing other countries to set your economy straight is terribly wrong.
And if Obama claims to say he'll stop the war between US and Iraq,
I have to salute him for that.

Sammy G.,
How would you feel if another country bombed your country, and for not donwright sensible reason?

Even though he only had 180 days of experience in the government,
look how far its gotten him?

Johnny just stated his opinions, after all.
As have I.

(I'm not British, American, or Iraqian, mind you - I just wish to see everybody around the world peaceful, and to be able to return to their respectful homes without other countries terrorising their doors with guns and bombs)

So what if Osama bin Laden is a terrorist?
Haven't you seen what Bush has done to everybody else,
just because they are less powerful than him?

Katie said...

Probably the first election I've been remotely interested in. Similar to you, I'm less interested in Aussie politics, and know more about the election this year than the average person my age. No bragging there, no...

I agree with many of Obama's policies, though personally I think his biggest obstacle right now is living up to the hype. He may be president, but he has a long way to go - take the economy. There will be taxing. And withdrawing troops, he cannot snap his fingers and do so.

Overall, SO GLAD that it's Biden and not Palin. [Yeah, to me that was more important than who the president was.]

Anonymous said...

I am american..but don't turn 18 until March =[ I am republican. But not because of soundbyets or my parents. But instead because I spent the time researching both view points, watched all the debates, went to an Obama ralley, and so on. I respect the reasons people have stated about why they would vote for Obama. But Johnny really upset me about the redneck republicans comment. I feel that my generation no matter what party is more moderate when it comes to civil liberties. I am republican but i would not give it a second thought when voting yes for gay marriage rights, I don't generally discuss abortion because i can't make up my mind on what stance I would take. I feel that people (teenagers) would abuse the right of prochoice, but I still feel it's up to the women. When it comes to gun control I believe we have the right to own a gun and carry it with us for safety..but I look down on the fools who are gun happy and think of the priveleg as a toy or game. Our nation is becoming more open minded. There is a generation gap and I find it sad to classify one party as a sterotype. I vote republican because I want control over my money i worked hard for and i want a say in where it goes. Does that mean that I am against helping the needy or poor. NO! Instead I take the responsility to spend my money and TIME on things I beleive in! Our school collected over 50.851 canned food last year that went to 9 different shelters all from donations and some money spent! It didn't take the government to take our money in order to accomplish something great for our society!

Mary said...

i was just wondering... you and liane from 5AG seem to be very close friends - but she voted for mccain. and you called all mccain voters bigoted redneck ignorants.

isn't that kind of... well i don't know. just been wondering.

becca said...

he has the same opinions as that of an ignorant, bigoted redneck.

No he didn't, Mary :)
And Johnny? I hafta say that was pretty harsh.

Kate said...

Wow, Mr. Durham... you sure know how to stir the pot :-D
Don't worry, I am not one of those comment people that freak out on you for your opinion. How you think and feel are just as important as anyone else.
I am commenting to applaud you for being somewhat aware of the political world around you. (Even though, some of the things you said wasn't very fair. I am an Obama voter but I won't say McCain " has the same opinions as that of an ignorant, bigoted redneck." I respect McCain for what he has did for America.That's that...)
So yea, I might have ranted just a little... sorry.
But anyways, I was just thumbing through blogs and came up on this hot topic from a Brit lol
I give you kudos, dear sir.

Mary said...

@ becca:

you're right. sorry. but he did say he can't understand how anyone could vote for mccain. but whatever, it's not my business. :)

mr. salvacruz said...

Johnny Durham
US politics is a handful
neat blog

Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree with everyone else who has said that your opinion on McCain and Republicans is very rude and offensive.

Maybe you don't understand, since you aren't actually from America. I don't know if you've ever been here, but it is a very large, diverse country. McCain's, and Republican's principles are the principles of the Constitution, which states that the government is not there to control the people. Democrats, and Obama, on the other hand, feel that government should have a larger amount of power. I don't mean that in a "Republicans are greater than Democrats" way. That's really the biggest difference between the parties. Obviously Obama is now our president and he better do a damn good job.

To call Republicans, and supporters of John McCain "rednecks" is a blanket statement, and shines a bad light on you as a person, Johnny. My respect for you has gone down the drain.

I also think it's a bit laughable when people from other countries try to act as if they know so much about American politics - more than the American people - and act so rudely to those who have differing opinions. Learning about different countries' political systems is not a bad thing, but until you have actually LIVED with that political system, you can't really say what it's like. And besides that, America is the American peoples' country, not anybody elses', so we decide how our government is run, which means we decide who is elected as President. Let's hope that right remains, because to forget the document and the principles that this country is founded on would be a horrible, horrible shame.

And also, keep in mind that not everyone follows one of the two major parties, and just because they are voting for a Democrat or a Republican does not mean they actually follow that party. For many, they vote for the person who has the largest amount of ideas similar to theirs, because it is basically impossible to find a candidate who is 100% likeable.