Friday, 28 November 2008

organ donorcard!

I registered myself on the NHS Organ Donor Register a few weeks ago, and I received my donorcard in the post today :D

It reminded me about what a great thing I'd done by signing up.

Now I can proudly carry my card around in my wallet with me, wherever I go xD

There are more than 9,000 people in the UK alone who are waiting for an organ, so by registering myself, I could end up saving someone's life after I die.

I wouldn't ever tell anyone to sign up to become an organ donor, because I know it can be a difficult decision, and some people don't like the thought of losing their organs after they die...

But I would like anyone who reads this to take a second and really give it some thought.

More information can be found here.


shannon said...

yay! me too. i signed up the moment i turned 18, then found out you didnt have to be 18! oh well. im carry my card proudly too - even though my name is wrong on it
shannon x

Millie said...

i signed up after we did a project about organ donation at school, so did a lot of my friends, but i was the only one to donate all my organs, most people seem to have an issue donating their eyes....

i think its an amazing thing to do XD

thisisace said...

Thanks for the reminder, Johnny.

Signed up
AND ordered a load of leaflets, posters, bugs, pens and sweets to promote it through my libraries.

Cassandra said...

The funny thing about organ donation if you have the religious beliefs that most Christians have is what happens to donated organs after you die. For instance, say you die next week and donate your heart and a liver to two different people, and then two weeks later Christ returns and your body is transformed and taken to heaven. What happens if those two you've given organs to are not christians? Do your organs disappear with the rest of your body and then you're responsible for their death, right? So you can kill someone even after you die just like airplane pilots that have heart attacks and no co-pilot.

Allie said...

just signed up... thanks so much!

at first i thought,"well, maybe i'll say they can have anything except my eyes, because it would look creepy in my coffin if i didn't have eyes."
and then i thought, "why the hell are you worrying about how good you look when you're dead and someone needs a cornea?!"
so i checked the "take everything" button

Barry Aldridge said...

Thats cool Johnny. Im one too.

Elizabeth... said...

Thanks for the reminder Johnny.
I gave blood last night and on my driving licence I said they could have any of me but I'd never got round to getting my Organ Donor card.

Even though I've heard about it previously I put your blog as were I'd heard.

Liz xx

etnobofin said...

Good job Johnny! It sounds like your post has inspired a few people :-)

The UK system makes it harder than it should be to register as a donor. In New Zealand, the organ donation question is asked when you get your drivers license, (and it's recorded on your license) so NZ gets a much higher uptake of donors. Maybe they should do the same in the UK?

Josh Okies said...

I really don't want to be an organ doner and I feel terrible for it.

But I just hate the thought of being cut up after I die.

Darci said...

You are amazing! I actually signed up for a donor card in May of this year. I pretty much feel it's one of the best things I've done this year too! It makes me super thrilled!!

Adam said...

That's great!! I'm one too, and frankly I think more and more people should be.