Monday, 10 November 2008

my latest video.

[01:28:33] Todd says: so what was the point of that video?

[01:28:43] Todd says: i can't be bothered to go look at the video its a response to

[01:28:59] Johnny Durham says: haha

[01:30:02] Johnny Durham says: there is no point really... i was bored.. i made some music... i wanted to make a video to go along with it :P

[01:30:20] Todd says: decent

[01:30:43] Johnny Durham says: there's maybe a slightly deeper point to it, but that's the main reason i made it ^_^

[01:30:59] Todd says: hahaha ok

[01:31:04] Todd says: and whats the slightly deeper point

[01:31:06] Todd says: if i may ask

[01:31:18] Todd says: u just wanted to get naked on camera huh

[01:31:25] Todd says: and u needed an excuse for it

[01:32:22] Johnny Durham says: hahaha

[01:33:52] Johnny Durham says: well, i kind of like the contrast between when i'm wearing that huge eskimo-type coat (where i feel all warm, and safe) and then being topless (where i feel cold, exposed, and horribly self-conscious about the way i look, and what other people will think of me)

* I thought I'd paste that skype conversation here, as it describes my thoughts on my latest youtube video. i kinda wish i had edited out the topless bits before posting it now, but ahhh well. Being topless in videos seems to work quite well for Joseph Macloed, so why not me?? ;)


Cristina said...

Ah, it all makes sense now. I loved that video by the way, Johnny. =)

v!v! said...

i was wondering about the point/meaning of the video
i saw dk1's vid and still did not got it
now i do

Mannyerism said...

From my view, the video seemed to be about trying to find ones self for the day. More so to find ones identity in all the clothes (costumes) that are about.

Each clothes (costumes) being the different side of the self that makes the identity whole. Yet the topless shot reflects the true self that is left exposed and feeling the need to cover up for the rest or the world, but more so for itself. Cos when we open ourselves up to someone, no matter how much we love or trust that person, we feel oddly exposed.

That's what I took from the video. I really liked it. And the track too cos it was up beat and that's how life is most of the time, even when we look for our clothes (costumes) that we choose to reflect our moods.

Still great video. I just hope I haven't over thought it.

Anonymous said...

I love how the play button on the video is right on your nose ^_^

Paige said...

I don't want to sound all fangirly, but I want you to know that I think you're really fit. You have a great body! And someday when you're a flabby old middle aged man you'll be glad you have video evidence of your gorgeous youthful days! Don't be ashamed of being topless in your video, be proud! <3

Genevieve said...

of course. :]

Anonymous said...

I always have problems on Google/Blogger because I can't remember my password. Anyway, have you noticed this video has the start error exactly on your nose so that you look like a Beagle?!?! I thought it would be a great disguise for Halloween or the like. Best wishes. - Nick

Anonymous said...

That should be "start arrow"! Duhh - Nick

The Blog Babes said...

Those eskimo coats are so cozy :D And yes being the stereotypical canadian I own like 3 of them. :p

Anonymous said...

the vid was awesomely random, and i'm glad you clarified it a bit. p.s. It's funny how when you're topless, you think you're cold, but i think you're hot... XD

SharpFinale said...

you have a really nice style:)

thisisace said...

Topless Johnny FTW.