Tuesday, 11 November 2008


My "To Do" list for YouTube:

- start making videos
- reach 100 subscribers
- get featured
- become a partner
- appear as a drawing on charlieissocoollike's face xD

The list is now complete! :P

tehehe, i love my awesome guys <3


Barry Aldridge said...

Glad you got all your tasks complete Johnny. Its nice when that happens.

Viral Video Wannabe said...

Best 'to do' list, ever.

Shannon said...

I love how he drew you featureless because of the bright lighting xD

Anonymous said...

Hi,johnny,I happened to browse the video on Youtube tonite and watched some videos about u....All so funny.......

Kate said...

Charlie looks so funny with eyeliner...:P

lukeb3000 said...

Hey Johnny

I think I may make your to do list, my list of goals for 2009

Everything except get Charlie to draw me on his face. I think that may be an impossible task for me.

How long have you been on YouTube for?