Monday, 24 November 2008


I might be going to London on saturday for the ADVENT GATHERING.

I also just found out Four Year Strong / Set Your Goals / New Found Glory / Crime In Stereo are playing at the Brixton Academy on Friday night.

I really want to see Four Year Strong! and i wouldn't mind seeing the other bands who are playing tooooo..

So I thought it would be pretty cool to go down to London a day early, go to the gig on friday night, stop over at a youth hostel, then go to the gathering on the saturday.

I'm not going to go to a gig by myself though, so the only way this plan will work, is if other youtubers are keen to go to the gig too! :D

soooo yeah.. if you're interesting in going to the gig with me on friday and then youth hosteling together on the friday night, then let me know, and we can arrange it via skype or something.

just leave a comment on this blog, or reply to my twitter update about it (Y)

faaaaanks <3


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!! Sadly I will be in Stratford-Upon-Avon all day Friday and wont be getting back until 8 or 9 that night... Would loved to have gone though!

Wayne said...

I was gutted, I quite wanted to go to this gathering seeing as .... I don't go to any :p but I'm in Leeds which sucks. Have fun though!

CathyDirector said...

I wish i could. But it isnt a short way! :(
But i would like when you contact me via skype for fun! :)


Ikklemee8 said...

I love four year strong..lemmie know more =]

Kiky said...

I would love to go... really... The bad news is that I am just a tad far away from where you are... :P I hope you can make it though!

-Stay safe