Thursday, 27 November 2008


Ever since I got twitter I've stopped blogging.

I want to start blogging again.


Kiky said...

Hey Johnny-e,

I don't want to sound egotistic... but I am happy that you had decided to begin blogging again more frequently. I do enjoy your posts, and I'll keep my promise of reading every post you publish so long as you continue doing it...

Welcome back.

-Stay safe.

Genevieve said...

please do blog more frequently. :]
every little bit of johnny makes me happy.

Barry Aldridge said...

Hey Johnny.

Welcome back to blogging.

About the picture I think it is art to the pureist form.

Mush said...

Hey Johnny, I have to admit, one of the reasons I have yet to sign up for twitter is because I enjoy blogging so much. In fact, its also why I don't vlog at all either - I just love the opportunity blogging gives me to write. It's very therapeutic :) Anyway I'm all for anyone who wants to blog more!

(one of your youtube followers)

SharpFinale said...

the girl in the picture looks like the same girl from the other picutre you put on a few blogs ago.
It's nice:)

nikita said...

I love love LOVE this picture. It's so beautiful, the combinations are awesome along with the colouring. I'd like to thank you aswell Johnny, because you inspired me to start blogging, and making videos. Thanks! :)

Billy Marsden said...

haha nipple:D