Thursday, 16 October 2008

you me at six.

my mind works in weird ways.

on the one hand, it tells me that i can barely afford to live.

it makes me buy noodles for 7p, a big box of breakfast cereal for 36p, a litre of blackcurrent cordial juice for 18p.

i'm pretty much only getting the cheapest food money can buy, because i tell myself that i can't afford to spend too much money on simply filling my tummy.

yet, my brain seems quite happy to allow me to go out and spent £8 on a new CD...

silly brain.

having said that though, i'm super glad i did splash out on the CD. i bought you me at six's debut album; take off your colours. it is AMAZING!

you me at six are currently touring the UK, and are supporting fall out boy at a few gigs.

i want to go see them so bad, but i'm not free on the dates when they're coming near me :'(

ahhh well, i will have to just enjoy listening to the CD instead of actually getting to see them live

plus, i'll save money on buying a ticket for one of their shows.. WOOOP! xD

johnny <3


Kylie said...

I wish cool UK bands toured in midwest America ;(

linnea said...

he has that "make out" tshirt that you have! :O

tammy said...

I definitely understand the "broke uni student" thing. It's pretty killer. Well, keep on eating your 7p noodles and just think of how great it is gonna be to go back home and have a nice, real meal.

saz said...

i love ymas!!

always attract is currently my favourite track on that album!
and if you run

i think it was worth your £8 (Y)

i-sense-sarcasm said...

I LOVE YM@6! Well, nt as much as I love DIMMN or Yellowcard bt they're among my favorites now! For the moment... Because I always discover new bands that make love them. I love Gossip.

Kiky said...

I comprehend your point for I live a similar situation: I normally spend less than a couple of pounds a day in food, but I just bought a new bluetooth headset which cost me 20 pounds...

That is insane, I know... but wireless music on-the-go is worth it!

Azmanzmlk said...

he has that "make out" tshirt that you have! :O

Anonymous said...

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