Monday, 9 February 2009


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happiest day evarrrrr! <3

They announced on their official website yesterday that they're back in the studio, writing and recording a new album, and that they'll be touring the world again in summer 09! :D

As soon as I heard the news I went back and listened to all my old blink albums and got awfully nostalgic :)

I started listening to blink around about 1999/2000 when enema of the state first came out, and subsequently went back and bought their 2 previous albums, and bought their following 2 albums before they went on a break. They're one of those bands for me, who have a lot of strong memories attached to their music.

Being 15. Sitting outside the rowing club in durham on a friday night with my friends, drinking vodka and 15p cherryade mixed together in a plastic bottle; listening to blink182 and other rock music of the time blarring out of the 'under18 rock night' held at the rowing club. Walking through newton hall, listening to their music on my portable cd player. Using quotes from their songs to describe my feelings for my friends, and my parents. Having secret house parties whenever my mum would go away for the weekend, playing "I want to fuck a dog in the ass" full volume and singing along like an idiot with all of my friends xD.

So many great memories! :D

Which is why I'm completely stoked to have them back together again! I'm definitely going to have to see them live if they come to the UK this summer!

As a little footnote to this blog post, I'm still not technically back off my internet hiatus :P I haven't been on youtube/twitter/skype at all since yesterday morning, and have only been online occasionally to check my emails. It's been nice having a little break.. although I'm starting to miss the internetz already, so I'll no doubt be back in the full swing of things pretty soon xD

Much love <3


Ikklemee8 said...

I am sooooo excited!! =D

Elizabeth... said...

This post made me smile outside and inside.Even more so because I know Durham too. :)
Nostalgia ftw.

Marrisa said...

Oh my! :D

I can't wait for the summer now! :D I hope they come near where I live! :D :) :) When I saw "BLINK182 ARE BACK!" I nearly smiled two sizes bigger than usual!

:) something to bug my mom about.

Cameron Alexander Williamson said...

I am so exited too! I am sooo seeing them if they play in England.

My girlfriend was happy as hell when I told her.


Sonny said...

You mean Spot 186, per Charlie's dad (-:

The Blog Babes said...

Teehee 'secret house parties" wow Johnny, what a rebel. ;) <3 Shelby :)

Emo-x-Tastic said...

I´m gonna have to go and see them, no matter how much it costs. =)

Lilly Melody said...

I loved the description of your old memories.

letmebeawesome said...

this made me smile. i've got some amazing memories connected with blink 182 too. ^^
and... it's good that you are coming back to the internet world. ;)

Coco.Chanel said...

omg i am so going to go, they remind me of being 15 in my little mosha pants =] xxx

Anonymous said...

Whose Blink 182 albums?????

Think I'll be wanting them back one day you know!!!!

(only so I can add them to my ipod - you can keep the actual CDs!)

Silver1226 said...

Eeeee! Thank you so much for sharing this news, I am so happy ^_________^

Jennifer said...

they are?! i'm so happy (:! i'm cool with angels & airwaves, but blink is just plain awesome. i only have enema of the state, but i really like blink-182 (the album).
i remember when i first heard them, i was in grade school, like... 2nd grade status. i honestly didn't like it at all. when i was in 5th grade, i saw the slutty nurse on the cover, and got all immature, "OMGGGG YOU CAN SEE HER BOOBS WOW" then, i started to get into it. which makes me a late bloomer!! but still :) glad to hear they're back.