Saturday, 14 February 2009

my weekend :)

This weekend has been so amazingly awesome!

I just tried writing a blog about it, but it started to get sooooo lengthy, so instead I shall bullet-point some of the amazing things which made it as good as it was :D

- John Green's books 'An Abundance of Katherines' and 'Looking For Alaska' arrived!
- I met up with Charlie, Alex and Jimmy - it was awesome to finally meet jimmy.
- I had a meeting with Hat Trick Productions which went really well, and I'm super excited about our future plans with them.
- Alex passed on a freakin' signed copy of Hank Green's album 'So Jokes' which Alan had sent him to give me <3
- I got given Chameleon Circuit pin-badges :D
- I met up with James, Becky, Tom, and Ed.
- We went to CYBER CANDY! (again)
- We ate yummy dumplings in China Town
- Spent ages in the Disney store, and Build-a-Bear
- I met two of Tom's friends who were absolutely lovely.
- Asal (one of tom's friends) let me stay at her house on friday night, which was amazing, because it meant I could stay with tom, and spend valentine's day with him today, instead of having to get the last train home to sheffield on friday night like i thought i might have had to ^_^
- Ate the most delicious veggie burger at The Burger Co. in kings cross with tom, before having to leave london :(

There are so many other little things which I haven't included which made this weekend amazing, but it's impossible to mention them all, and I think I mentioned the main points, so all is gooood :)


Emo-x-Tastic said...


The Blog Babes said...

lol jimmys amazing except he hasn't really updated youtube in ages :P which sucks but o well

:) eee i'm glad u had fun on valentines day
most ppl find it icky & try their best NOT to do anything :P
have a great rest of the weekend/week

Lilly Melody said...

That sounds soo good, Johnny. :)

Graszood said...

Sounds like a lot of fun; and I'm glad Jimmy is still alive.

Anonymous said...

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