Wednesday, 11 March 2009

upcoming plans. (hi alan!)

I have lots of exciting things happening over the next few days.

Tomorrow morning I'm getting the train down to London. I'm meeting up with James at about 2.30ish, and hanging out with him during the afternoon. I love hanging out around London, there's always lots of fun stuff to do. Hopefully we'll go to the apple store so I can do my first ever dailybooth collab picture xD. So be sure to follow me here if you're not following me already. You wouldn't want to miss out on seeing me AND james in the same picture now, would you? :P [/shameless dailybooth plug]

Then later on in the afternoon, I'll be meeting up with Becky and Charlie. Which will probably involve morefuntimeshangingroundlondon. Oh, also we'll be meeting up with Dave and Ian at some point before 00.15am.

I can book into my hotel room any time from 3pm on the Thursday, so I'll do that at some point in the afternoon so I don't have to carry my bag around London all day.

Then, at 00.15am on Friday, we're going to see Watchmen at the IMAX! I'm super excited for that. I've never been to an imax cinema before. I really wanted to read the graphic novel before seeing the film, but that's not going to happen, so hopefully I'll understand the film. James told me it helps if you know the story before seeing the film, but meh. I'm sure I'll enjoy it regardless. I'm a bit scared I'll fall asleep during the film though, as we're going to see it so late, and I'll have had an early start on the Thursday.

I can see it being about 4am before we all get back to the hotel, and we have a meeting with the RNLI "mystery package" people at 10am.. so I'm not going to get much sleep =/

The meeting with the RNLI will probably go on until about 4ish on Friday. Tom will be there for that so I'm super excited to see him again :) It's been almost a month since I last saw him.. bad times. I'm not sure who else from youtube will be at the RNLI meeting, but it'll be nice to see anyone who turns up. Oh yes! I forgot Alex was coming back from glasgow in time for the meeting, so I will get to see his lovely face again too ^_^

Next, after the meeting with the RNLI, I'll be getting the train back to Dave's house, and will be staying there on Friday night, as we're going to be doing an epic blogTV show on Saturday to help raise money for Red Nose Day (which is a bi-annual fundraising day in the UK which is all about 'doing something funny for money'). I'll probably have to leave the blogTV show early to get back to Sheffield though, as Tom will already be there waiting for me ^_^ Hopefully Conor will still be in Sheffield by the time I get back so I can see him too :)

Sooo yeah! The next few days will be super fun! Seeing lots of people I love, and doing lots of interesting things!



Kristina said...

I'm seeing Watchmen on friday in Imax too!

I just wanted to let you know I fed your fish. The ones on your blog. <3

Anonymous said...

As the movie's an incredibly dumbed down version of the novel, I think it's safe to say you won't have any problems understanding it.

It's pretty, though, but way too long.

Anonymous said...

hi johnny!


SorenLorensen said...

Looking forward to seeing you, Johnny! :-)

Also very much looking forward to the Red Nose blogtv!


Alan Lastufka said...

Haha, Anon tried to pretend to be me, but Anon should know I'm way too big of a whore to not link my own name when I post.

Also, best. title. ever, Johnny. =)

Elizabeth... said...

I think you'll really enjoy Watchmen.
Also your next few days sound spiffy.
Have fun!

citrusbust said...

How far is london from you?