Wednesday, 4 March 2009

website design.

hey blog buddies!

i registered the domain nearly a year ago. the page you see if you go there now was supposed to be a temp page while i found some way of building a decent site. i planned on learning some web design skills myself, but i never got passed the basics which allowed me to create that pitiful excuse for a website that you see at the moment.

so basically, i was wondering if anyone could help me with re-designing my website?

ideally i'd like it to something like buck's website, or davedays, or dk1.

a banner at the top, links below the banner to various different pages, and then blog entries in the main section of the website.

it's quite possible you can build a website like those with wordpress? (or something similar?) but yeah, i have no idea how to do that.

if you've read my blog before you'll know that i'm a hard-up student with no money, so i can't really afford to pay anyone to design a website for me, so if there's any generous people out there who just enjoy website design and wouldn't mind doing it for free that would be amazing xD

it's not going to happen is it?! haha

email me if you're interested though :)


Meghan said...

Hey Johnny! I just saw your tweet about this and thought that maybe I could help you out. I can't make any promises on time frame, but i'm actually just about to write a paper about customizing wordpress and I have to produce something as part of my paper. You can use wordpress to create what you're talking about... so would you be interested in me doing that for you? I'm a university student also so I understand not having the money to pay me for it, but since I'm doing a paper for it anyway... might as well kill two birds with one stone right?

Let me know if you're interested :-)

Again... the time frame is unknown just because I'm graduating this year and my life is CRAZY! right now.

Hope this helps :-)

Ryan Leys said...

Hey Johnny, so what those people are using is something called Wordpress, and I'm not sure if you know this but Alan works with wordpress and has designed other peoples sights (
Also once you get wordpress up and running (which can be a bit challenging, for me at least) there are already a bunch of free templates up there now.
My blog is and the layout I have is a free one until I have time to make one of my own.

Email me at if you have any questions.

JoAnn said...

Hey, Johnny. Somewhat new subscriber and Twitter-follower here. The header image, links at the top and entries below are actually the usual basic format of any Wordpress layout (though I've seen some crazy amazing things with the $89 Thesis theme). Personally, Wordpress is way awesome and so much nicer than blogspot. It's very easy to install onto your site (well, depending on your host) and do some basic customization on your own. I'm still learning about Wordpress myself and way rusty on my Photoshop skills, but I've been helping some friends set it up and get them started (because it's much more fun working on others than being un-lazy without my own). I'd also be happy to help if you need.

Taylor said...

sorry but I am html retarded. I hope you find some generous help though!

doug said...

to continue from what Ryan said, you may be able to do that with wordpress, but you'll have to pay. you can do a lot more with blogger without spending any money.

add new pages, experiment with templates, add stuff to the side of the page, etc.. all for free

Mannyerism said...

If you happen to need any graphics, por bono, hit me up. I don't do web design cos my work is print based but I can help provide you with graphics perhaps. Hit me up buddy.

From California

Anonymous said...

You should move to wordpress. Check out mine...

That page doesn't cost me a penny and it looks quite cool *If I say so myself* lol. Then you can point your web domain to it.

If you need any graphics designing, let me know. I'm still learning web design so can't help you out there :)


Dave J said...

Dude I did HTML and the whole shabang as part of an A level and let me tell you, there is no need to go over board lol. Wordpress or blogspot do have some pretty good things to use already as people have been saying. If your desperate I can give Wordpress a shot for you but its easy enough to be done by someone who is not very computer literate *like I used to be lol*.

Anonymous said...

i would suggest using tumblr :)
easy to customise your own template without much knowledge of html and very user friendly. it gives you the possibilty to use your own domain name for your tumblelog.
you can also combine your tumblr to include info that you put up on other sites twitter, etc.
so any posts there will automatically appear on your main site as all.
and the best part -- its free :D

CaesarBrutus said...

i have the same problem. so i'm still stuck with blogspot for a while until i learn some web design skills of my own.
P.S: i'm a fan of your youtube videos. keep up with the good work :)

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