Saturday, 29 December 2007

the third one.

ok, so this picture was actually taken a few months ago when i was in rome with my friends this summer, but james only just got round to uploading his pictures so i thought i'd post it in this blog now..

i'd totally forgotten that this had even been taken, so it was kind of cool to see the watermelon eating event back again!

watermelons FTW!


RogCBrand said...

i9okilLOL! I love this one! Watermelon in Rome! Wonderful!

Charlie said...

I think I should have named all my post subjects the same as yours. I always have trouble thinking up titles.. xD

Anonymous said...

cute pic!

johnny .....vlog update plz!

Pablo said...



Nice picture, man!

Timm said...

Middle looks like he's sniffing the watermelon. =P

Johnny, you are /he's the left ?– everyone's faceless !

Paola said...

Ok I know I'll probably sound real stupid by asking this. But can you please tell me what FTW means? Cause I always read it in youtube comments and have no idea :-/

ELIN said...

nice doing things with friends