Thursday, 21 August 2008

untitled II.

the last blog post was possibly a bit cryptic,
but i fancied posting an "artsy" blog for a change.

it was written about my social anxiety disorder,
and the panic attacks i have suffered from in the recent past.

it tells the story of how it feels when a panic attack occurs,
and how the medication helps calm you down,
but how the meds make you feel like you're someone else at the same time.

it's hard to explain.
but yes, that's what it was about.


Anonymous said...

I have Agoraphobia, so I know what you mean.
Somewhat. And tis very annoying.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I... I have panic attacks too. I'd never imagined you had that. I'm really impressed with your honesty about it - I've only told 2 people about in in RL. And that doesn't include a doctor.

Katie said...

I have social anxiety disorder as well, so I also have panic attacks. I was taking medication up until recently, but I stopped because it really did make me feel like someone else.

So. I sympathize. :(

Rukkel said...

I have panic attacks too.