Thursday, 21 August 2008

wish list.

my birthday is less than a month away now ^_^


these are the top 3 things on my birthday "wish list" at the moment:




there's plenty of other things i'd love too, but these are top of my list at the moment...

oh, but i'd also love a macbook, so if anyone has a spare one lying around, feel free to send it to me for my birthday?!



hello i'm hanne said...

remote controlled walle - how can one live without it? i like your blogging ;)

Lilly Melody said...

Well if you give me your address... ;D

I love that Hi Wonderland-shirt!

Matthew said...

You have now officially made me want a Remote Controlled Wall-e. Ah, man.

Anonymous said...

what day is it? Mines on the 28th:))

I'm happy you started updating again. It was rather cold and lonely here for a while:D

EEEP! the t-shirt is too cute! I wan't it even more than the Wall-E.

*sighs* I'm afraid I don't work myself as hard as you do so no nice shirts for me:)

Simply Jalyn said...

Well Johnny if you gimme ur I promise I wont go stalk your house! Lol
By The Way
johnny what is the official day of ur birthday? mines in 3 days! (birhtday shoutout on youtube plz?)lol
<3 Yah!

Hema said...

hi wonderland?
i thought HW stood for high wycombe
as in the i <3 HW t shirts.. coz the guy who makes them lives there?

ZoeMoi said...

Omg I love that Wall-E! He's like the cutest thing ever (next to the frog of course ;)
but when's your birthday?

Good luck on finding someone with a free mac lying around x] I want one too after having seen Charlie's.. It's soo nice :)

ZoeMoi said...
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ZoeMoi said...
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jez_the_cheetah said...

hmm... you say you want a macbook... perhaps you might be able to borrow Charlie's, that is if he lets it out of his sight for a moment or two...

CathyDirector said...

send me your adress Johnny. You know my E-mail. And i send you a present! :) REALLY!