Wednesday, 20 August 2008


it happens. there's no logic there. something sparks it off.
it closes in around you, suffocating your mind.
you fight it. you try to reason with it. but it doesn't listen.
your heart races. your hand trembles. it consumes your every thought.

it's like having a friend's shoulder to lay your head on,
a dark room in which to hide away,
a soothing lullabye.

it takes away the noise, it takes away the pain,
it takes away the thoughts, it makes me less insane.

but it's not me.


MikisthatChick said...

wow Johnny, this is really deep and true and lovely all at the same time.
any inspiration?

Simply Jalyn said...

Johnny that was amazing! What was your inspiration. And kudos for the 3 entries in one day!

Kevin said...

That was beautiful.

Joe said...


I'm glad you've started blogging again.

Anonymous said...

are those tic-tacs? :d

Zita said...

This is really beautiful!

Cliona said...

Wow that was amazing, I really wasn't expecting something like that as I flicked through your posts. That was just so beautiful.