Wednesday, 24 December 2008


in my blogTV show on Monday I reached 22,222 subscribers on youtube....

actually, I was on 22,225 while doing the show, so I got 3 people to unsub, so that I could see the figure at exactly 22,222! I love when numbers are all pretty like that ^_^

I took a screen shot of the momentous 22,222 milestone, but forgot to save it :(

Today though, I've just seen that I have 22,333... which is also a cool number, because there are two 2s and three 3s :D

Obviously it'd be cooler if the number were 122,333... but I think I may have to wait a while for that to happen xD

in fact, i highly doubt i'll ever accumulate even close to 100,000 subs... who knows though i guess.. once upon a time i didn't even think I'd get 100 subscribers, and look what happened.

Okay, go to go... my mum is shouting to me that my dinner is ready ^_^


Milkysponge said...

Aesthetically pleasing uncommon milestones ftw.

Ikklemee8 said...

whoa thats a lot =] well done,

I'm happy I'm about to reach 200 haha!!

Kyle said...

Merry Christmas!!! Great way to celebrate with so many subscribers eh?

Mary said...

hahaah "i got people to unsub to me, so that it would be a nice number" xD too cute.

congrats on that amount of subbers.
hope dinner was tasty.
and that you had the merriest of christmases :D

Kiky said...

First off, happy holidays Johnny-e... :)

I don't think you should be worrying for the number of subscribers you have got... Either they are 100000 or 10, enjoy them now, do what you always do and your longings will come true once you stop wanting them... In the interim, breathe...

- Stay safe -

letmebeawesome said...

i'm so jealous. :P
cool numbers are... cool? ^^

WhereismyMind? said...

Have a nice 2009! and congrats;)

SharpFinale said...

lol you're hilarious johnny:P

Shelby said...

Hehe This is awesome Congrats Johnny!!! :D Ya I remember way back when I first watched one of your videos I think you were at 1,200 subscribers or somewhere around there. Pretty exciting! :)

Kuhi said...

that's awsome
and Happy new year.



Marysenjo said...

hey johnny, i have no idea if you're going to read this, but i just wanted to let you know that there's like a tag game going on on blogspot and i was tagged. i'm a new blogger and the only blogs i know are yours and phil's (amazing phil), so i tagged the two of you.
it'd be uberhappy if you could check out my newest post (which is the tag post) and i would be even happier if you could make a tag post yourself. although i can understand it if you don't have the time etc. ^^

have an awesome day,


Kuhi said...

wow - that's alot lol
I like it lol
o and if you do see this

you're tagged.

Jennifer said...

congratulations with all those subscribers! i only have 10, but it's just surprising i have any, because i'm not serious with my youtube or anything. :D