Thursday, 4 December 2008

best friends.

Charlie's latest video got me thinking about best friends.

I got sent the above card a couple of years ago by my best friend.

It perfectly described our friendship. We had this amazing connection where we always knew what the other person was thinking. We could talk about anything. Share our deepest secrets. Giggle about things that no one else found funny.

Somewhere along the line though, we lost our groove.

I miss how things used to be. I miss having a best friend.

Life's kinda lonely without having a best friend to share your hopes, fears, and dreams with.

I don't want this blog post to sound unappreciative though. I do have a lot of great friends both online and offline. It's just... at the moment, I don't have a best friend... and that makes me a little bit sad.

I obviously love all the friends i do have though, and i'm thankful for all you guys <3.


Natt. said...

Aww that's cute =]

Wayne said...

Ever since coming to university ... it has been like that with my best friend too :/

I guess things change? :( :(

dianasof said...

I've been feeling like that too. I have good friends that I talk to, but it's not that deep, instant connection you feel with your best friend. Think of it this way: When you feel that connected to another human being again, it will be all the more special!

Jase said...

I'm not your best friend? Offended ;)

Shelby said...

Hehe I'm actually surprised I thought there would be some random person who was like "O-M-G be my best friend Johnny I less than three you *giggles annoyingly*" :P Aw that's sad, I am very fortunate because I have 4 best friends. And yes some people may be like "uh you can't have 4 because that's stupid and you just call everyone your friend" which is ridiculous because I actually have really high standards for my friends. :) Anywhooo this just makes me more grateful for them. You'll find one soon enough I'm sure Johnny since you seem so awesome, it is other people's loss. Anyways thanks for posting! :D

To end on a random note;

Kristina said...

I knoooow how you feel.
Like, I'm not lacking for friends, but that BEST BEST friend thing is kind of missing. It sucks.

Elizabeth... said...

My best friend sent me that card too.
She wrote "My vote is for the magical powers" in it.
But I get what you mean.
Caitlin and I have such different lives now that we're older and its hard to see each other that often. I'm just glad that when we do we can still click back to exactly how it has always been.
I love my school friends to pieces but we've never been quite the same...

I love how you 5ag have brought up this topic.


Lilly Melody said...

I, too, know the feeling. I miss having a best-best friend... One to share everything with - and nothing.

Actually I had this kind of friend, a soulmate really, but... something happened. I never really understood. I still don't.
It's not that I don't have good friends but I really miss having someone that really understands me fully...

CathyDirector said...

Thats right. Friends are important.

Kiky said...

Psychologically speaking, we all have the necessity of having that especial 'someone' you describe (to some extent). We need attention, comprehension, and acceptation to the utmost, don't we?

-Stay safe-

Mary said...

i saw that card and instantly thought of my 2 best friends, tam and mauro.
i totally get what you're saying about the connection thing. i'm SO super thankful that i have not only one, but 2 people whom i can share ANYthing with and whom i sometimes don't even have to tell how i feel, because they know instantly by looking at me (same goes vice versa).
i truly hope you'll either get the chance to develop such a friendship with one of your good friends you already have or that you'll meet a new special one who'll become your best friend. :) good luck!