Thursday, 18 December 2008

Project for Awesome 2008.

Yesterday, 17th December 2008, was the day of the second annual Project For Awesome.

This is the video I made for the project:

The project has been so much fun again this year! It's amazing to see all the P4A videos taking over the most discussed pages / most rated pages of YouTube.

I'm especially pleased that my video in particular has done so amazingly well! At the moment of writing this blog, my video is the 7th most discussed and the 2nd most rated video on the entire site for today.

(Global Most Discussed page for Today)

Obviously, the only reason my video has done so well is because it had the support of Alan, Hank and John. But I'm just really pleased that of all the P4A videos made this year, mine has done so well. I feel like I'm being slightly selfish in the fact that I'm analysing my own videos performance over other videos, but I'm just really enthusiastic about the charity I chose (Save the Children). I'll also admit though, that it is rather cool from a personal point of view, to be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Buck, vlogbrothers, Julia Nunes, communitychannel, LisaNova etc

The only down side this year is that all the P4A videos don't seem to be getting the view-count that they got last year. In 2007 we were able to take over the Most Viewed pages too, but this year that hasn't really happened. Perhaps because there has been exponentially more videos made this year in comparison to last year, so the views are being "watered down" and spread across more videos.

Other than that though, the Project has been a huge success again this year, and I think we've all done a great job of raising awareness for a LOT of great charities!

It's also been cool to have Alan, Hank and John going live on blogTV for the entirity of the project!

(Global Most Rated page for Today)


Barry Aldridge said...

I have to agree with you on the view front Johnny, that there are more videos for the project this year than last year.

Im glad that the Project has gone well.

Kali said...

Congratulations, Johnny! Your video was one of the first P4A vids I watched yesterday (and rated, commented, and favorited, of course). :)

I didn't know about Project For Awesome last year, but the videos this year are all great. What you said makes sense--maybe it's harder to get view counts up with so many P4A videos this year.

BethOnTop said...

Well, what can I do but to congratulate you on being so close to the likes of those YouTubers! You may as well be married to them all :D

I did realise that there were perhaps less views than there were last year, but it's good that all the videos still have the popularity they do.. xx

Elizabeth... said...

I think I have to agree about the view count too but I loved your video so much I made ours (hazelizabeth) a video response to yours. Also because we're from Durham too.

I think it's such an awesome idea and hope it actually does some good to the world.


Mush said...

Well done Johnny. Its a great achievement and a great charity. great work everybody who helped to promote all the P4A videos!

Anonymous said...

Maybe there were too many videos to promote all of them and send them to front page. I guess next year we'll have to focus even more on the videos that get more views... I don't know.
Yours was great ^_^.

hannah said...

It was amazing. It's crazy how many people took part. Mammoth congrats on beating sxephil in most rated, the children are that much closer to being saved=]