Saturday, 20 December 2008

artistic people.

It's one of my favourite things in the world when people send me drawings they've done of me!

It's so freaking awesome!

Occasionally I get messages from people asking if they can use a video still (or another image I've posted online) for an art project, and obviously I'm always more than happy to let people use me for their art ^_^

I find it completely flattering.. it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :D

The following piece of art was created by Manny Lopez. I really, really love this artwork.

The image of me was taken from this video. Manny was kind enough to explain to me what inspired the art piece and what it represents. The piece is all about going on a journey of self-discovery; to look deep inside yourself and find out who you really are; to change aspects of yourself that you might not like; but also, to accept and embrace your self-perceived imperfections.

I found the following two images saved in my "downloads" folder, so I obviously downloaded them from an email or something, but I can't remember who sent me them.. so i'm sorry for not including any links to you if you're the artist behind either of these pieces.

I really like this one... it's probably the best lifelike drawing I've ever been sent of myself :)

This next one is pretty funky and retro. I think I look a bit like a transexual though xD


BethPorter10 said...

The bottom one is sexy xD
These are all so good.

Kiky said...

Howdy Johnny-e,

How flattering it should be to have people creating things using you as their inspirational source! I will not argue if it is art or anything else... For me art is relative and appeals only to the eyes of the beholder. However, those images are an indicator of how others regard you...

-Stay safe-

TipsiestMuffin said...

these pictures are all so awesome!
but the first one, the markings at the bottom, look like dark magic symbols....?

must b acid having people use you for their inspiration!

dianasof said...

The third one looks like you're wearing lipliner, but I really like the colors!
And the other two are quite nice as well.

Anonymous said...

i love the second one. It captures your cute expression pretty well

Kristina said...

Those are so awesome!
I've had people make art with my likeness, and it's such a lovely wonderful thing. :D

Elizabeth... said...

These are beautiful.
You've clearly been an inspiration and I think it is great you are sharing what you've been shown too.


Elizabeth... said...

I was actually inspired enough to have a bit of a doodle today.
Hope you like :)

ZoeMoi said...

Only Johnny can wear a purple lipgloss with style xD

I like the one in the middle..

supern00b said...

The middle picture even uses the 'Johnny's face is too bright' thing...

Anonymous said...

I drew the last one and I didn't ment to let you/Johnny look like a transsexual. Sorry, but I still think you/he should wear lilac lipgloss or something in your next youtube video!